10 of the Biggest Monster Duels in Hearthstone

Minions, beasts, pirates, murlocs, mechs, and many others — they have all been fighting each other for a very long time. So it’s no surprise that some animosities have sprung up among them, naturally! It’s no secret that Grim Patron and Chillmaw are not friends!

All of this subdued hostility bubbles up every now and then in duels of epic proportions. Let’s look at some of the grandest…


Fireguard Destroyer vs. Water Elemental

These two really don’t like each other. It’s not only because of the conflicting elements, or because they are so evenly matched, but also because Water Elemental calls Fireguard Destroyer a noob. As if entering the world of Hearthstone a couple years later makes him any less formidable! On the field of battle, Fireguard Destroyer tends to emerge the stronger. That is, if he’s had enough sleep the night before. That only happens when the RNG Gods look at him kindly.


Grommash Hellscream vs. Elven Archer

It’s not an even fight, sure. Not particularly epic, either. But it’s so damn funny. Witnessing Elven Archer trying to shoot Grommash only to enrage him is a sight to behold. These two have been at each other’s throats for a while, and they single-handedly keep the racial feud going. The whole affair is a bit one-sided, though, as a bloody big axe is mightier than the bow.


Cairne Bloodhoof vs. Piloted Sky Golem

It’s no secret that ever since Piloted Sky Golem appeared in Hearthstone, Cairne Boodhoof has felt unwanted. Having once been the ultimate sticky minion, he doesn’t take it well that his relatively low strength has made everyone chum up with Piloted Sky Golem instead. If you ever see Cairne at a party, he will be in a dark corner mumbling something about consistency being more important than a high attack value. When Cairne and Piloted Sky Golem see each other on a battlefield and there is no one there to stop them, sparks fly and blood gushes. In their battles, more often than not, consistency really does win over high attack value, as some pilots of the Piloted Sky Golem can be a bit puny. However many times Cairne wins this fight, Piloted Sky Golem still has more street cred. It’s an unfair world we live in.


Alexstrasza vs. Ysera

You would have thought that dragons were all chummy with each other. Well, you would have thought wrong. The natural competitiveness of a mature dragon gives rise to a certain animosity towards other dragons of the same size. Alextrasza and Ysera have been known to compare the size of their scales, the wealth that they have accumulated over their lives, … you name it. When they meet in glorious combat, they tend to go down together, unless Alextrasza breathes fire on Ysera, foolishly granting her extra health, or Ysera manages to call in some friends to help her win the fight. Ysera has been known to cheat.


Annoy-o-Tron vs. Ragnaros the Firelord

There is very little bad blood between these two. Mechs tend to have very little blood of any kind. Nevertheless, Ragnaros finds Annoy-o-Tron really annoying. If you were as strong as Ragnaros and hell-bent on finishing battles quickly, you would too. These battles only ever have one outcome, but it can take a while to get there during which Ragnaros‘ frustration mounts. It’s pretty hilarious.


Madder Bomber vs. Dr. Boom

‘Who’s got more bombs than me, eh?’ That’s what Dr. Boom told Madder Bomber one memorable morning, coming home drunk from the pub. From that time on they have been at each other like cocks at a cock fight. From their many impromptu duels it’s been ascertained that Madder Bomber has considerably more bombs, but Dr. Boom can easily kick his ass with only the two.


Shieldmaiden vs. Loot Hoarder

Sexism isn’t widespread in human society only. Dwarves have it too. One day, Loot Hoarder, coming home with a fully packed chest of gold, tried to convince Shieldmaiden to go back to the stove and finally do something worthwhile with her life. The resulting carnage taught all present something about equality (or the lack of it when it came to their respective martial prowess), the difference in strength between someone used to carrying a bloody huge shield around all day as opposed to a tiny chest of gold, as well as the foolishness of insulting a female dwarf who has been fighting her whole life. Lesson learnt. Loot Hoarder is still looking for most of his teeth.


Earth Elemental vs. Big Game Hunter

Earth Elemental has been known to brag that even though he is one costly mother, there is no one who can get through him once he is on the field. Don’t worry that he will cost you mana for 2 entire turns, because you won’t need to summon anything else. ‘One man army’ is what he calls himself. That is, until the Big Game Hunter heard of his bragging and shot him down with a single bullet. Ever since then they have been practically incapable of both being in the same deck. People have been telling me that if you put them in the same deck overnight, you wake up to snarling and the sound of shots being fired. True story.


Master of Ceremonies vs. Maiden of the Lake

If you have ever watched a Hollywood action movie, you know that a ‘good’ one always has a chick fight. Equally so, a list such as this would be incomplete without mentioning one of the biggest rivalries in Hearthstone among the fairer sex. Even though the Master of Ceremonies tends to go for spellcasters, whereas Maiden of the Lake favors heroes (giving them presents to buy their affection), they often argue which one of them is the prettier. Sometimes it comes to blows, which tends to settle the dispute, as afterwards even a common looking lass like the Scarlet Crusader comes up the winner.


Leeroy Jenkins vs. … himself!

Some people are their own worst enemies. Leeroy Jenkins is such a man. While he, undoubtedly, has got chicken, knows how to lead a charge, and yells in a way that many find comical, he is also his own undoing. If he lives through his initial charge, the Whelps that he never fails to stir up tend to quickly take him down. Leeroy Jenkins is in that special group of Hearthstone minions who don’t need an opponent to get themselves killed.

Obviously, there are many other feuds in the world of Hearthstone and glorious duels being fought every day. Make sure to let us know of the ones that we have forgotten to mention in the comments below!

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