The 21 Sexiest Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards of All Time

It’s hard to deny that over the years, Yu-Gi-Oh! has featured some pretty sexy characters, both female and male. Join us as we count down from 21 of the sexiest cards of all time!

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21. Dark Scorpion – Meanae The Thorn

Ensnaring you into our list with her disarmingly dangerous sex appeal, we’re starting off with Dark Scorpion – Meanae The Thorn, a thorny beauty from the classic, early days of the game.



20. Counselor Lily

Is Counselor Lily a good nurse, or a naughty nurse? Hard to tell, as she both takes away your life points and gifts your monster with attack points. She’s not the last Lily we’ll be encountering today, either…



19. Spy-C-Spy

It’s a Spy who Cs another Spy! Get it? There’s so much James-Bond-like sexual tension going on here, I’m surprised this artwork made its way into a children’s card game. Wait, what does this card’s picture even have to do with the Yu-Gi-Oh theme again? Beats me…



18. Elemental HERO Burstinatrix

Okay, let’s just ignore what else is bursting here and put it down to being merely a description of her fireball skills…



17. Melodious Divas

Because we just couldn’t pick one, it’s all of the Melodious Divas at number 17. These dastardly divas aren’t just pretty, they pack a mean punch, too. You’ll know this if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of their lock down combo.



16. The Amazoness Warriors

While I’m all for Amazoness warriors resisting stereotypes and totally kicking feminist butt, can we also accept they look stunning while doing so? These girls have thighs to kill for (and be killed by, probably!).



15. Dark Witch

I want to say something about the face she’s making, but it’s probably better if I don’t… Just watch out for that sharp spear that she is holding onto, apparently.



14. Dancing Elf

A level 1 Monster, with no effect, and completely useless attack and defense values. That makes her sex appeal literally her only valuable asset. Way to go, sexist Konami… But people loved her anyway. At number 14, it’s Dancing Elf!



13. Vampire Lady

One of the original Vampire/Zombie cards from the early days, Vampire Lady was immediately received with mass adoration from the (mostly male) segment of the fan base. And who could blame them? None can resist her charms…



12. Tour Guide From The Underworld

This one might come as a surprise to some of you… or maybe not? It turns out the Tour Guide is quite a sleeper hit with a lot of people. Maybe it’s all that fetching she does for you so obediently…



11. Warrior Dai Grepher

Not even He-Man could compete with these biceps. Even though it looks like Warrior Dai Grepher likes to skip leg day at the gym, it’s hard to deny he’s one of the sexiest dudes in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!.



10. Thunder Nyan Nyan

The Japanese often change things between their version of the game and ours. But seriously? Are boobies that scary that they need to be covered up? Thunder Nyan Nyan is definitely a card that many players preferred to put the Japanese version of into their decks…



9. GaGaGa Girl

Face it: this Girl makes all the boys go GaGaGa… In Japan especially, she is often seen gracing card sleeves and play mats – such is her popularity over there. Cosplayers love her, too:




8. Felis, Lightsworn Archer

Ever since the Lightsworns exploded onto the scene, there’s just one gal to rule them all: Felis, Lightsworn Archer. She is sassier than all the other Ladies of the Light combined.

Just look how she has perfect aim while somehow accentuating her assets at the same time. What a flexible feline. At the end of the day, she’s good: she’s really, really good.



7. Rai-Mei

Here. Once again, the Japanese prove that they completely misunderstand our Western culture’s sexual norms – apparently huge breasts are offensive and need to be flattened for us. Nevertheless, Rai-Mei even in the English TCG game has always got people talking at tournaments.



6. The Harpies

There’s too many of them to choose just one. So, if you don’t mind us cheating… at number 6, we are electing all of the Harpie cards. They’re just too damn sexy. The Harpies have served as not just one of the player base’s most beloved deck archetypes of all time, but a fan favorite for cosplaying, too:



Cosplay by Aleysha (Alycard). Image: Joe Vela Photography.



5. High Priestess of Prophecy

We know she’s supposed to be holy, being a Priestess and all… but something tells me they want us to feel this way about her. Does she in fact lure her enemies to their death with seductive poses?



4. Nekogal #1

I mean really, Konami? Did you even get English speakers to double-check the flavor text translations or were you just trolling us intentionally? Nekogal #1 gave us many LOLs back in the day, but it’s also hard to deny she’s a fiesty feline that gets our pulses pumping.



3. Gemini Elf

With their… suggestive embrace causing teen boys’ heads to explode from their imaginations going into overdrive, who can forget the first time they laid eyes on Gemini Elf? They must be sisters… right?



2. Injection Fairy Lily

I don’t think Konami realized what a sleeper hit they had on their hands with this one. Injection Fairy Lily wasn’t supposed to be the huge phenomenon that she ended up becoming.
Not only did she have an amazing effect (which was a lot of fun to use), it’s all because she was quickly adopted by fans as a favorite for cosplaying and fan art. Without her, this would never have happened:




1. Dark Magician, AND…

It’s probably hard for most fans to say that they think Dark Magician is sexy, but it’s also hard to deny that he has that special something about him. If we refer to one of the alternate art versions released as a promo (shown here), there’s no denying it: Dark Magician is one buff dude.

But we can’t talk about him without talking about his better half…



1. Dark Magician Girl

Could it have been anyone else? They both deserved the number one slot, together. As the female counterpart to the Dark Magician, one of the most iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, Dark Magician Girl (DMG) is loved by fans all over the world, male and female alike. She has to be the number one most cosplayed Yu-Gi-Oh! character for females as well, going by just how many we’ve seen at conventions and tournaments.

How could anyone deny the smoldering looks these two possess when together?


That’s all folks! What did you make of our top 21 sexiest Yu-Gi-Oh! characters? (Okay, so that was a lot more than 21, but what are you gonna do? Bite me.)

Agree with the list? Furiously disagree? Either way, comment below!

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