360 Studios Launches Card Game MMA Federation

Yesterday, January 14, 360 Studios launched the new turn-based mobile card game MMA Federation. The Kickstarter sweetheart, now available in Google Play and the App Store, has been 2 years in the making. So far, the studio has raised $1.5 million in funds to expand the game, and are looking to raise $1 million in additional funds during the first part of 2016.

MMA Federation is a free-to-play mobile card game with in-app purchases. It centers on the massive sport of mixed martial arts, mirroring itself after UFC. A handful of MMA clubs and teams in the sport had their hand in crafting the game, which focuses on player vs. player combat. Users can compete against others from around the world or their own friends to level up their account, make a name for themselves on the leaderboards, and earn rewards. Games occur in real-time, just like a true fight. But although the matches occur online, training is available offline.


MMA Federation is the top-downloaded fighting app in Canada.

The game allows users to create their own unique fighting styles from a database of hundreds of different moves, many of which were inspired by the fight teams that helped make the game as realistic as an MMA card game could possibly be. There’s no shortage of fight styles, either: muay thai, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and boxing are all heavily represented. And players aren’t relegated to just one fighter – MMA Federation also allows you to create a team, mixing and matching styles and skill sets and upgrading fighting abilities with in-app mini games. There’s also branded sportswear and equipment available (as in-game purchases) that coincide with real MMA brands and gear: think Hayabusa, Revgear, and Bad Boy.

Outside of fun bragging rights, MMA Federation offers really solid rewards. You can earn VIP access to events, fight tickets, real gear, and memorabilia from your favorite fighters as you progress.

MMA Federation was officially announced in December, 2013, and interest was overwhelming. 360 Studios got the attention of Team Nogueira, which boasts fighters such as former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, Welterweight Erick Silva, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos, and the Nogueira brothers themselves: Antônio Rodrigo and Antônio Rogério.

The involvement of such big names didn’t go unnoticed, and other teams quickly tried to get in on the action. 360 Studios soon began working with team Nova Uniao, home to UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo, and AMA Fight Club, run by esteemed trainer Mike Constantino. On January 26, 2014 MMA Federation reached its Kickstarter goal with 159 backers pledging a whopping £100,425 ($143,211.07 USD). After a year and a half of development, the closed beta launched in Canada on July 2015.

Although at first glance mixing trading card games with mixed martial arts seems a bit unexpected, studio head Rick Giolito, creator of Knockout Kings and Medal of Honor, stated the following: “The reason we’ve brought in a card battling system is because it automatically makes this more than a button basher — it’s a game of strategy, meaning anyone can take it on, but it’s firmly bedded in the MMA world, so it’s also the perfect companion for martial arts aficionados.”

Check out the game trailer!

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