42 Hilarious Hearthstone Minion / Celebrity Lookalikes!

Look, creating a card game like Hearthstone is hard, alright? Not only do you have to come up with bazillions of card effects, but you need to create unique art, too. There are only so many kinds of faces in the world you can use… Who hasn’t used someone else’s face for a bit of inspiration when drawing every now and then, right? No?

Well, we’re not going to outright accuse Blizzard of putting these famous faces into their game, but… Well… we’re not not saying they didn’t, either!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


Maybe its the nose, the ears, or the rather large forehead. There is no mistaking the resemblance here. Though I’d suggest not referring to Daniel Craig as a Leper or a Gnome in person! He is Bond, after all…


Putin is meme-worthy for being so utterly ridiculous half the time. Here he is, making his first Hearthstone appearance. It’s obviously the smug, yet sinister expression that causes the lookalike here!


I love the show Man at Arms. Creating swords, axes, and other weapons from spare parts… Wait a sec… Not only does Tinkertown Technician look like him, he uses spare parts, too! Did they just copy Tony’s persona entirely as well as his looks?!


DotA players will definitely recognize this frosty lady… But who would have thought the Blizzard team would go so far as to clone her for their game?!


Mila has been known to cast a spell or two… over men! Her beauty and mesmerizing eyes have captivated many a man (and the envy of many women, too). The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is truly a stunning likeness!


I don’t think Chuck Norris has ever been an Understudy of anyone. He appears to have swapped his guns for a huge sword in Hearthstone. Surely his stats should be 99/99 with Taunt and Mega-Windfury?


Those teeth… those horrible, rat-like teeth. I shudder. The resemblance couldn’t be any more striking unless Peter Pettigrew were bald, don’t you agree?


Not only do these two look alike, but they share similar abilities. Wanda Maximoff (a.k.a Scarlet Witch) is able to control minds along with a host of other powers. They also share other attributes, too… 😉


One will strive to bring peace and justice, while the other will rob you blind. Xena is a force to be reckoned with and I’m pretty sure she won’t take kindly to being turned into a villain. I’d love to see these two in a fight!


Patrick is a much loved actor of stage and screen, often playing a distinguished gentleman with morals and integrity. I don’t think we can say the same of our Knife Juggler here. I think the similarities lie in appearance alone. They both look sharp as a knife though, that’s for sure!


We all know that Gimli loved a good fight, so it’s not surprising that his doppelganger Coren Direbrew does, too. I wonder if Coren keeps count of his enemies slain as much as Gimli does?


Most people will know Donald Sutherland as President Snow from the Hunger Games series. Unrelenting Warrior looks just as evil as Snow. I wonder if he’s offering us a handful of berries here?


You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh… Well, a Pint-Sized umbrella, that is. This Pint-Sized Summoner shares a striking resemblance to one of the worlds biggest female artists, don’t you think?


I can’t help but feel that Shado-Pan Monk is Po, all grown-up and a lot less clumsy! Looks like he went on a bit of a diet… That makes him a lot less cuddly, too. 🙁


Ye blubberin’ fool, don’t ye know that Davy Jones will take your soul? These two guys appear to have things growing on their faces… perhaps they need a new dermatologist?


Khal Drogo is well known to Game of Thrones fans. His might and power had no equal. It’s almost as if Blizzard loved him so much they put him in a card, with a pretty awesome effect to boot.


Such beauty, those eyes and that flawless complexion made Priyanka Chopra the desire of men all over the world (she probably incurred a lot of wrath from women, too!). That beauty was obviously lent to our Shieldmaiden, but with added butt kicking ability… Girl Power!


With that shocking pink hair, there is barely any difference between these two. Perhaps the Wee Spellstopper is Kelly after learning all the tricks of the trade from her father Ozzy, the King of Darkness…


Master Roshi has always been one of Dragon Ball’s more colorful characters, especially when it came to the pretty ladies… Ahem! He is unmistakable with the shell on his back and stick. Let’s just hope that Tinkmaster Overspark isn’t quite as perverse as Master Roshi!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is currently one of Hollywood’s favorite action stars. I’m guessing that’s why we have a card that looks like him… popularity will always get you cloned. I do have one question though… What’s the Dark Cultist cooking, because I can smell it?!


Flowing jet black hair and a taste for heavy metal! These guys could be twins. Let’s just hope Joey doesn’t swap his guitar for a hammer any time soon… I wouldn’t want to get in his way!


Wisps are creatures that aren’t quite of this world. This Wisp looks strikingly similar to Krobelus from DotA, don’t you think? Perhaps Krobelus phases in and out of Heathstone when she fancies a game of cards!?


This one needs no explanation! Here we have an Elven Archer with pale blue/purple skin and a rockin’ body. Then we have the Elven Archer of Hearthstone


Long beard, check. Dark piercing eyes, check. Long white hair, check. There is no denying the resemblance between these two! Though the Dark Iron Dwarf would be shorter than Saruman, he appears to have brought the Eye of Sauron with him on his head!


I don’t think Oin would ever like to dress in purple and throw spells about. Dalaran Mage on the other hand looks like he’d be pretty good with a sharp, pointy weapon. Those eyebrows though… WOW!


Okay, this one is just waaaay to obvious to pass up. Princess Leia’s side buns are unmistakable. Moira appears to have stolen those, along with the dress she wore at Jabba the Hutt’s palace!


I love the uncanny likeness that these two share. It’s not just the looks, but the effect of Cogmaster also shares a similarity to Dr. Eggman. He was only ever a threat in his machines. I say threat, but we all know he was never a match for Sonic!


Green and ginger… not a usual combination! Princess Fiona is a kick-ass ogre married to Shrek. Those eyes and ginger locks make you look twice when playing the Kezan Mystic. Could be her little sister?


I don’t think Blizzard even tries to hide some of these doppelgangers, do you? It’s quite obvious that Kratos inspired the visual design behind the Quartermaster. All this Hearthstone character needs now is some women and a big boss to slay.


Luis has been in an impressive amount of films and television series. Though these two look alike, what makes this even more humorous is that Luis starred in a movie called ‘The Lookalike’ in 2014! I bet Luis’s expression would be the same as our Frozen Champion‘s if he knew he has been cloned for a game!


Abusive Sergeant has an unfortunate name, despite his effect being quite helpful. Magneto knows all about teamwork as he set-up his own team in the Marvel universe. All the Sergeant needs to look exactly like Magneto is a cape… and we all love capes, don’t we?


Both are shrouded in mystery and darkness. The Undertaker will take your soul, and the Defias Ringleader will take your gold…


Uh… Divine Shield? White and Gold Armor? Silver beard and hair? This has to be Odin. From now on when I summon Tirion, I shall call him Odin. Heck, he even controls thunder with his weapon!!


Another Hobbit trilogy-inspired character has made it onto the list. This time we have a Dwarf that looks like Dwalin. Bald headed and bearded, these two look so alike than I think it was just a copy and paste job!


We all love Arnold; he’s been a fan favorite of the big screen for a long time. Goldshire Footman… not so much. It’s a shame they stuck such underwhelming stats on a truly awesome looking character. Perhaps Goldshire’s catchphrase should be, “I’ll be gone”?


Was that a glitch in the Matrix I just detected? Because there appears to be two Keanu Reeves on my screen… Perhaps there is a little wordplay here too, remove the ‘r’ in Argent and you’ve got ‘Agent’. Coincidence, I think not!


The hair that defies all gravity and laws of nature! Heihachi has always been a force to be reckoned with. Patient Assassin destroys whatever he battles, much like Heihachi. Just don’t let them get close enough and you’ll be alright!


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a card called Mirror Image has a character who looks almost identical to a recognizable face. I’m certain Scarlett wouldn’t mind her beauty being immortalized in card form for all eternity, though!


Those are some seriously wild eyebrows! Not to mention those pointy ears and long golden hair. Perhaps Kael has turned to Blood magic in order to win more fights on the battlefield.


I love these little Easter eggs you can find around the place. This one draws upon the Warcraft series’ wider lore. He looks happier in Warcraft 3, though!


Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones, a.k.a Harrison Jones. Wordplay and identical looks. The only things missing are some ancient relics and his trusty whip… At least Blizzard are being honest with where they stole the looks of the character from!


I love the imagery on this one. Its almost as if Sean is looking at the Ancient Mage and trying to decide if he’s looking into a mirror! I wouldn’t be so harsh as to call Mr. Connery ancient… but he is getting on a bit.

So there we have it! 42 of the most unbelievably hilarious celebrity lookalikes in the Hearthstone world! Which ones are your favorites? Do you disagree with any of these so strongly that you need to tell us? Go right ahead! Have you thought of any yourself? Out-do us and tell us who your Hearthstone celebrity lookalike is!

Let us know in the comments below!

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