Are These The 10 Most Annoying Hearthstone Cards Ever?

Hearthstone has some truly awesome cards — cards that are just so fun to play that even if you’re on the receiving end of them, you’ll shrug and say, “I’m not even mad — that’s amazing!” Sadly, not all cards are like this. Some cards are just so annoying, their ragequit level is over 9000. So join us as we count down from 10 of the most annoying Hearthstone cards of all time!

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10. Harvest Golem

Let’s start with one that’s only slightly annoying, but regular enough to be a constant irritant in your Hearthstone life.

Harvest Golem is what is a pure value card — you get two Minions from one card. If someone uses this card against you and you end up having to use 2 cards to deal with it, you are at a clear disadvantage.

The only way to get rid of the advantage he creates is to silence him, but the Golem is actually not powerful enough to warrant using your silence or hard removal cards, which are best kept for bigger threats. This is why it’s annoying. It’s in that sweet spot between not worth removal and definitely worth removal.

9. Mirror Entity

This Mage class Secret card is extremely irritating to play against, especially in the Arena. Why, you ask?

When you are facing off against the Mage class and they play a Secret, you are forced to play around it and you’re always going to assume the worst — that they just played Mirror Entity.

What this means is you have to find a low-value Minion to play, wasting the Secret and getting it out of the way for your bigger Minions.

What’s that? You don’t have any low-value Minions in your hand right now? Just heavy hitters, you say? That’s your problem, buddy… Yep, sometimes this card is just a nightmare to deal with.

8. Freezing Trap

Somehow I always forget to play around Freezing Traps. When I play against a Hunter and he plays a Secret card, I’m always assuming that it’s probably an Explosive Trap. Then I start calculating my next move with extreme precision, taking into account all the damage my Minions will receive and what will be the most efficient way to use them.

When I’m done, certain that I’ve worked it out perfectly, I attack with my first Minion and suddenly, poof! The Minion is back in my hand, I am unable to play it again, and all the calculations that I’ve made have instantly gone down the drain… Just great.

7. Mind Control

Stealing other peoples Minions is just not cool, okay? This kind of card exists in one form or another in almost every TCG/CCG, and it is equally annoying in all of them. No one likes to be on the receiving end of one of these.

Priests usually love to save this card for the exact moment when you think they are finally out of removal (a Priest running out of removal in Hearthstone — I know, it’s like a terrible joke) and you finally feel relaxed enough to bring out one of your bigger threats… And then they just take it. Damn.

Mind Control gives really good value as it does two things: it effectively removes one Minion from your opponent’s side while gaining you a Minion. You are up 1 and your opponent is down 1, all from one card.

6. Ironbark Protector

This huge Treant can be very difficult to deal with. At the very least, he will always bring a sweat to your forehead, especially if you don’t have any removal handy.

Here’s a micro-sized guide to help you figure out exactly when you’re going to get hit by one of these:

  1. Has your Druid opponent been playing ramp and removal spells all game?

  2. Have you exhausted you hand, with only useless cards left?

  3. Have you got no good Minions left due to the opponent using a lot of said removal cards?

If you have answered yes to at least two of these questions, then you can be sure that this guy is going to come trampling out of the woods and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Have fun.

5. Annoy-o-tron

Now we’re talking! Have you heard the voice acting on this card? Ragequit levels sharply rising! 

This guy is just begging to be on this list. Have you seen his name? Blizzard designed him to end up on lists like this one day.

Since he was released in the Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion, this guy has been practically plaguing us in all decks. Again, it’s because of the extreme value that he holds in a single card.

This little guy can be extremely hard to navigate around. He is especially rage-inducing in the late game, after you’ve cleared your opponent’s board and you are moving in for the kill with your big fat Force-Tank Max. Out he pops! Suddenly you are going to need an extra 2 turns to get through him before you can go in for the kill.

4. Pyroblast

Here’s how a typical game against someone who is using Pyroblast goes.

At first, you are losing. Then, somehow, you’re able to recover — you’ve neutralized all of the opponent’s Minions and you have steadily been able to build up a small force of your own. Things are looking quite good for you this game.

Did I mention you’re on 10 health?

The next turn starts, and BAM — you’re dead, no questions asked.

Go ahead, throw your monitor through the window. I understand.

3. Aldor Peacekeeper

Now I’m really mad: this guy makes me red in the face with fury. Whoever designed this card at Blizzard is just cruel. 

A 3/3 Minion for 3 mana is an okay card, but what makes him especially annoying is his Battlecry effect. Thank goodness he is exclusively a Paladin card and not a Neutral to be found in every deck, ever.

Just imagine: you’ve played your biggest, most powerful Minion and you just can’t wait for the next turn to attack. Here he comes what his self-righteous attitude, turning your Minion into a sitting duck. It’s not like your Minion is removed from game, at least putting you out of your misery; no, it just sits there being all useless while you look at it with pity.

To top it all off, he enters the game spewing the most annoying sentence ever: “Follow the rules!” What rules are those, exactly? The rules of you having overpowered cards and me, not? Sheesh…

2. Polymorph (and Hex)

One of your minions, probably the most powerful one you have, is now a useless 1/1 Sheep. Enjoy! Also, the sheep makes a stupid little “baaaah” sound, as if to taunt you personally.

Now, in all seriousness — to avoid this, what you have to do is summon a Minion which is going to be a suitable target to bait out the Polymorph. If you summon something too weak, the opponent is just not going to use the spell on it.

Find something which is good enough to tempt them, but still hold back, keeping something even better in your hand for later (which will undoubtedly get polymorphed by the second Polymorph… sigh). Either way, you’re at a disadvantage, playing less than optimally.

Hex gets second choice for this slot, but it gives the Minion the Taunt ability, which is at least a bit more useful to the player that gets stuck with the Frog.

1. Flamestrike (or any board wipe…)

This card (or any other board wipe like it) has made me press ALT+F4 and just turn off my computer a couple of times.

When playing in the Arena, any time I summon my last Minion, emptying out my hand, I pray the opponent doesn’t have one of these. They almost always do. Sometimes even 2 or more copies, even.

A skillful Mage is always waiting the last possible moment to strike with this card so an important lesson is to learn how to make him think that you have summoned all of your minions and bait him out to use it prematurely.

Whatever happens, the caster of this card almost always gets immense value out of it — sometimes even trading this one card for 5 or more of the opponent’s cards. That’s why it’s my number 1 annoying card — it can destroy a whole hand’s worth of work in a single blow.


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