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Supercell is a name you should already be familiar with as they published Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, and Hay Day,… Read More »

Star Crusade: War of the Expanse is an online, free-to-play, sci-fi collectible card game in which six factions are fighting… Read More »

By Zac Phoenix, March 9, 2016 0

Supercell is a name should already be familiar with you. Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, and Hay Day were all published by Supercell and among those are some of the highest grossing mobile games of all time. All of their… Read More »

Storm Wars is a collectible card game set in a fantasy world of Elves, Orcs, Machines, and many other races…. Read More »

Dragon Front is an upcoming CCG developed exclusively for the new Virtual Reality headset device, the Oculus Rift. Produced by… Read More »

Outcast Odyssey is part casual card battle and part dungeon crawler from Magic Pixel Games and Bandai Namco, a publisher… Read More »

A distinctive theme will often help to give a game a louder voice in an overcrowded genre. We’ve already reviewed… Read More »

Puzzle Strike is a gem-smashing deckbuilder game featuring the characters of the Fantasy Strike universe. It draws its gameplay inspiration… Read More »

There are many seasoned trading and collectible card game players out there that have become disillusioned with their favorite games…. Read More »

If you’re an avid reader of this site, you will remember our review for Prime World: Defenders from Nival Studios… Read More »

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