Bushiroad Announces Summer Release for English Luck & Logic

Bushiroad, makers of Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, and several other trading card games, recently announced that they’ll be releasing an English version of their upcoming TCG Luck & Logic. This newest addition to Bushiroad’s lineup is part of a two-prong media franchise that started with the release of the Luck & Logic anime show on January 9th in Japan, shortly before the planned release of the accompanying TCG in Japanese. The English version will follow in a few months.


There are ample characters in the world, but the focus is on Athena and Yoshichika.

The new television series was created by anime studio Doga Kobo and directed by Koichi Chigira and Takashi Naoya. Although it has only been officially released in Japan, those in the US and Canada can catch the series on Funimation or Hulu, while those in other countries can watch on Daisuki or AnimeLab. The storyline follows Yoshichika Tsurugi, a human, and Athena, a Goddess, who work together to protect the human world of Septpia from invading Gods.

The series takes place at the tail end of a century-long war fought, and lost, by Gods – upon losing they try to take a human world as their own, but are met with resistance by Logicalists, a group that works to defend the human cities. In this world, logic controls everything, which poses issues for those, like Yoshichika, who lack it due to a mistake made in battle. Yet it can also be a boon – teenagers who possess logic can enter a trance with the Gods to achieve super powers that aid in protecting the city from invaders.


Bushiroad hasn’t released images for the English version, but there are plenty of Japanese samples floating around. This Yellow card features Tamaki Yurine, a Logicalist from the anime series who works with the goddess Venus.

While the anime series is already airing, the Japanese version of the TCG won’t be released until January 28th. This was originally announced as February 28th back in November. Luck & Logic will focus on players attacking the opponent’s gates while protecting their own. Although the company hasn’t released gameplay rules in English, you can check out gameplay information on the wiki page. Bushiroad is starting with two 60-cards-each starter decks and a 7-card booster pack. Brave Logic is a constructed deck with 50 main cards and 10 gate cards focused on the Monolium world. All 50 of the cards are green cards, which means they increase resources. The second deck, Rinne Logic, also features 50 main cards and 10 gate cards. However, it’s focused on the Disfia world and contains all Yellow cards, which strengthen and recover cards. The game will also feature other color groupings: Red for offense and Blue for card draws. The booster pack is titled Growth & Genesis, which will include 7 of 120 different cards, including the Reds and Blues needed for the game. There will be 20 packs per box.

The English version of the game is set to release sometime during the summer, although there’s no firm date as of yet. For the last few months, the company has been demoing the Japanese version at various events, and they’re planning a similar campaign for the English version – however, there’s no schedule available. The English version was displayed at the Anime Festival Asia in Singapore last November.

Stay tuned for more details, including an official release date for the English version!

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