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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

This fantasy card battle entertainment is browser based, meaning you can play it within your browser and all you need is an internet connection! It has an RPG style of gameplay to it, which mixes the classic and collecting methods together for an unforgettable battle experience that you will enjoy.

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Blood Realm

This fun fantasy has amazing artwork and good mechanics, and it’s available to play on Facebook. Blood Realm brings you into a world of card battling, where you will build a deck of amazing creatures, improve upon them and ultimately become the best battler out there, in this realm anything is possible!

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You can download this fantasy TCG or play it on the go with your Apple iPhone or iPad. It mixes the best of both worlds, RPG and Trading card game for a fun, exciting twist to the average card battles you may be used to. You’ll also have the chance to take cards from those who lose battles.

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 Duel of Champions3

Duel of Champions

You’ll be busy for hours in this fantasy type of genre. It gives you more than 250 different cards, and plenty of excitement. You even get to pick your hero yourself. It can be played on your computer and other devices, or your phone. So, download it today. Tell your friends about it too.

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 Kingdoms CCG8

Kingdoms CCG

With innovative strategies, this fun Card Collector is going to bring yo many features that will keep you amused for a long time. Including the fact that it is free to play, you also have amazing new battles, six various kingdoms which have their very own theme’s. You also have over 300 different cards to collect!

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Hex offers a solid gameplay setup with good graphics and a mix between MMO and TCG so you can enjoy playing online with your friends. You will have unique features, such as socket and transforming your cards. It’s free to download, doesn’t cost anything to play, allows you to earn cards, equipment as well!

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You will be recruiting characters to command in battles, these will take place in the world of Asteras. This is a free online game for you to enjoy, so have fun with it. There are more than400 different characters and cards that you can choose from. And there are five factions offered to you.

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 Kings and Legends12

Kings and Legends

This one is based around card battling and features a really strong storyline that will keep you entertained for hours. You can play this in your favorite browser, it offers all the expected stuff similar to “Magic: The Gathering”, so if you’re a fan of Magic, you will love playing Kings and Legends!

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War of Omens

If you’re looking for a TCG that comes with balanced gameplay, but remains fun you will want to check out War of Omens. It’ got really good graphics that are fun to view, and the theme places you in the middle of a great war including powers, and stuff you have never seen before. You will need your strategies for this one.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Hearthstone brings you a turn based TCG with the theme of World of Warcraft, so if you’re a WoW fan, and you like trading card games you will love the combination of this one. Being a strategy style entertainment, you will need to keep a sharp mind and think about the future moves you will need to make.

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Introducing Avillum, an RPG that brings you a different style of animations. Being it’s a browser based game that was created by developers from Montreal, Canada, you will face dangerous creatures, and collect loot as well. You will become competitive, bring you closer with friends and trade your cards too!

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Heroes of the Realm

You will be provided with many different things that are customizable, and you will have many heroes to pick from as well. Play in your favorite browser to place your cards against your opponents in battle. You will have an army that is made of hero cards, which you can get from fights or buying in the store.

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Rise of Mythos

If you are looking for something with a strong storyline, and a great PvP battle system, Rise of Mythos may be for you. You have an unusual multiplayer in this free CCG where you will go up against evil forces and protecting the Silver Heron Ridge. You will choose one of four available classes to get started.

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Scrolls brings you PvP modes, and even PvE trials that will keep you amused for a long time, but be careful it can easily become addictive and you’ll never want to stop playing! Start by building a deck, then develop your deck, and your strategies to successfully win battles against your foes. You’ll also experience various twists.

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 Battle for Gea 6

Battle for Gea

Looking for something that will offer you various tournaments to join, or events to take part in? Battle for Gea has that and much more! You will find that things have been changed up for a different experience than you may be used to in this TCG. This is a massive game, with campaigns and mulitplayer modes, and more!

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