Card Dueling Games

Here is a list that features card dueling games.

 Magic the Gathering6

Duels of the Planeswalkers

These are some powerful cards, and many are rare. You will find that they are also animated these days as well. This is a video game, similar to the “Magic the Gathering”. The difference in them is that this has been design with many other ways to stay interested in the gameplay.

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 Shadow Era11

Shadow Era

You are going to defeat opponents, and continue to up your rankings in the leader board until you finally are in the number 1 spot. This takes a lot of deep strategy, but it has fairly simple gameplay. Using intense strategic warfare you are going to defeat others all over the globe.

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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

You’ll find that the gameplay is rather easy, and shouldn’t be much trouble to pick up on. This was based on the Role Playing Games at the time it was being developed, and that makes it extraordinary because it is a combination of card collecting mixed with role playing battle games.

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 Urban Rivals5

Urban Rivals

This has a very fast pace gameplay, and that helps to make it so fun and exciting. It is very simple to register and play this, as you do not have to download anything, and it is free for you to play. In the beginning after registering you will get eight cards to get you started.

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 Infinity Wars8

Infinity Wars

It has a fully animated deck, and Gamers already find this an irresistible entertainer. You’re going to enjoy the many options as well as the features in this TCG. Similar to the others of this type with this genre, except that this one has mush more to offer and is popular with most of the gamers out there.

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A slight mix of MMO and TCG, with a strong and solid gameplay. this is a hit online, and gamers are going nuts over it, you got to see what it is all about. A multiplayer trading card genre. It has many features that is considered unique, it is amazing how the cards can be transformed into one another.

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For more card dueling games, please check the Card Battle Games and Card Fighting Games category.

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