Card Fighting Games

Here is a list that features card fighting games.

Rise of Mythos11

Rise of Mythos

Are you ready for an all new adventure when it comes to TCG? Rise of Mythos will give you everything you could want and more. You will have a chance to build and create your own deck of cards that you will use to destroy enemies in the Ascension Tower.

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 Urban Rivals10

Urban Rivals

How good are you and your strategy skills? Test your knowledge in this ultimate TCG. Urban Rivals will have you creating a great deck of cards to battle in an urban setting. You will have to go through various tasks in order to advance in a one of a kind challenge.

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 Kingdoms CCG6

Kingdoms CCG

Enter a new free to play realm where you will have the chance to be a hero. Kingdoms CCG is a one of a kind universe where you will create a deck of cards and battle different enemies. Your main goal is to destroy as many opponents as possible and rule the kingdom.

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 Kings and Legends11

Kings and Legends

Get ready for an all new card fighting entertainment that will have creating a custom deck of cards to destroy various creatures with. You will get to be the hero in this world and it is up to you to destroy the monsters and make the realm a peaceful place once again.

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 War 7

War of Omens

You are in the middle of a huge war and your only chance of survival is to create a powerful deck of cards and take down your opponents. War of Omens will give you different options on battles as well as make it easy to begin as well as having smooth gameplay.

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 Card Hunter1

Card Hunter

Create your very own hero and enjoy the awesome benefit of a TCG in an RPG board game. You will get to take on different monsters as well as people. If you want to have a good laugh, visit Gary the Dungeon Master he will surely make your day as you travel the board.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

If you enjoyed World of Warcraft, then you will love Heroes of Warcraft. You will have the chance to create a very powerful deck of cards that you will use to battle different people as well as computer opponents in a one of a kind universe. You will certainly enjoy your time here.

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 Shadow Era6

Shadow Era

By defeating your opponents and raising your ranking on the leader board it will not take you long to get in the #1 placing. Be sure to spend some time getting to know the cards, they are very complex to some. Many of these cards are rare, and there are a lot of them that has some powerful secrets.

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For more card fighting games, please check the Card Battle Games and Card Dueling Games category.

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