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Since its release in 2011, Cardfight!! Vanguard has developed a solid following, becoming one of publisher Bushiroad’s most popular offerings. Given the game’s success, Bushiroad decided to take it into the digital world with Cardfight!! Online, which they announced last year, nearly two years after Bushiroad shut down Cardfight!! Capital, a user-created online game. On January 13th, the company announced a closed beta testing phase for the officially-backed online game, and they are looking for volunteers.


Cards from the recently-released Fighter’s Collection may make their way into Cardfight!! Online.

The game, which will be released in English, is based on the popular TCG and has you build a deck and go head-to-head with other players online. Available cards will include those from the English Cardfight!! Vanguard Edition G series and later, but it’s unclear as to whether every card from that period will be available or only a select number. Just like the original TCG, the storyline occurs on the planet of Cray, where endless numbers of factions are constantly at eachother’s throats. In the game, you choose your clan/faction and battle other factions headed by other players. For a solid visual, check out the company-released trailer from a few days ago.

Cardfight!! Online will be free-to-play with in-game purchases, and downloadable instead of browser-based. After the release, the company will start organizing tournaments for online players separately from its tabletop tournaments (they’re currently getting ready for the regionals for their Cardfight!! Vanguard Team League Tournament at the Bushiroad Spring Fest).

The beta version and the upcoming full release are only available on PC – Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Yes, Windows 10 is missing – you cannot submit the registration for the closed beta testing if you’re currently running Windows 10, although there’s no solid word on whether or not the full launch will function on Microsoft’s newest OS. The company has stated that they have no plans, as of now, to create versions for other operating systems.

A select few screenshots are up on the Steam page for the game.

The biggest perk of joining the beta testing is getting to check out the online version of the game first – however, Bushiroad is trying to sweeten the deal a bit. Closed beta participants will receive a mystery reward at the official launch of the online game; that way, you can carry the reward into your full-launch account. What’s expected of players during the closed beta? You basically need to play while keeping an eye out for any bugs or stability issues and reporting those to the developers. Players are also encouraged to offer any kind of feedback regarding the function of the game and the actual mechanics. Play will be limited – not all of the features will be unlocked, there may be time limits, and you may be asked to only play certain scenarios out for testing. However, that information will be provided once the beta testers are selected.

If you fall in love with the game during testing, your account will be retained when the game goes live (or if the company decides to do a second round of testing); however, the data won’t be transferred, so you will start from scratch (minus the mystery gift).

Cardfight!! Online is scheduled for release sometime early this year. If you’re interested in entering the closed beta testing, you can register at Bushiroad. They aren’t accepting everyone, so make your answers to the open-ended questions on the registration good!

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