Cards and Castles: The Age of Dragons Releasing Tomorrow!

Cards and Castles, the CCG/grid-based strategy game, is gearing up to release their latest expansion tomorrow, January 21st. Back in December, the company announced the release date as January 22nd – so it’s coming a day early! Cards and Castles: The Age of Dragons will add 50 new cards to the game, and the pre-order bundle is currently available for a pretty hefty discount. The new cards come in booster packs; they’re also craftable with shards and available for purchase with Silver. In addition to the 50 new cards, some existing cards and mechanics will get upgrades and tweaks.


The Cards and Castles forums had a lengthy discussion as to what, exactly, a Drake is. The result? They fly, breath fire, and aren’t super friendly.

The expansion’s new offerings include dragons, drakes, and additional spells and units. After the 21st, these cards will be included in regular Cards and Castles boosters as well as Age of Dragons booster packs that feature just cards from the expansion. Players will also be able to craft Age of Dragon cards for the same price as any other card. Given that Cards and Castles increased shard values on December 24th (early Christmas present), this becomes an even sweeter deal.

As far as the cards themselves, the developers haven’t released a set trailer, but they’ve been revealing cards on social media, most notably Twitter, for the last few weeks. According to a live chat with one of the developers (‘Vontre’), the Dragons won’t function as a new faction – instead, there will be five Elemental Dragons; likely, one per each existing faction. The new cards will also include 5 Drakes and a small amount of neutral cards. This hasn’t been officially confirmed by the developers, and things may be a bit different on release day.

Up until the release, Cards and Castles is offering a pre-order bundle that gives players 50 Age of Dragons packs for 33-percent off the total price, as well as an exclusive castle: Dragon’s Roost. Today is the last chance to get the money-saving bundle as well as the exclusive castle – upon release of the expansion, the bundle will no longer be available.


This beauty was the first new Dragon to be revealed prior to the expansion’s release.

Although the expansion doesn’t include any new campaigns, there will be patches. Three main global mechanics will be seeing updates. Any card that is changed with a patch will be able to be traded in for full shards within the first seven days after the change. This should apply to this expansion as well as any future expansions. Players are now limited to only receiving 10 Gold. Any spells that might put you over this amount will require a card draw instead. The developers have also changed how Chain Lightning works – now, it functions as a triggered spell that deals damage after an attack, separating the two forms of damages.

Several cards will also see changes. The most notable includes a change to cheap cards that previously allowed players to draw a card; some have a price increase, some no longer draw a card, and others feature changes that also help to limit how quickly the deck is worked through. Other cards, including Momentum, The Rat King, Kunai, and Shield of the Protector, have received noticeable updates, all of which are detailed in the Patch Notes.

Bit Mass, the developers behind Cards and Castles, regularly updates the game and rolls out expansions. Last August, they completely overhauled several aspects of the game based on player input, before going on to release the Warlock Academy expansion. Although the game started out as mobile-only, it is now also available via Steam for PC and Apple.



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