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In this category you will find previews and sneak peaks for trading card games that have not been released yet. We review open / closed Beta versions, or even Alpha versions that have been specifically provided to us for review before the game gets released to the public. If you’re looking to become a TCG beta game tester, this is the place to start your adventure at. Choose your favorite and request a beta key today.

The challenge to create an all-new game concept within the TCG/CCG genre gets increasingly more difficult with each passing year…. Read More »

I am happy to report that Gremlins, Inc. is not a cheap cash-in on the ’80s hit film series Gremlins!… Read More »

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The sea is a cruel and merciless mistress in 650 A.D. In The Great Whale Road (the Anglo-Saxon name for the sea)… Read More »

What do you get when you mix classic board games, RPGs (Role Playing Games), and popular culture? The answer is… Read More »

Imagine a game that has the frenzied pace of an Action RPG and the tactical decision making of a TCG/CCG…. Read More »

We’ve all known for some time that cats rule the Internet. No matter how long you spend on the World… Read More »

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