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In this category you will find previews and sneak peaks for trading card games that have not been released yet. We review open / closed Beta versions, or even Alpha versions that have been specifically provided to us for review before the game gets released to the public. If you’re looking to become a TCG beta game tester, this is the place to start your adventure at. Choose your favorite and request a beta key today.

Themes tend to really make games come to life and allow the player to be a little more invested in… Read More »

Psypher is a Sci-Fi Role-Playing and Trading Card Game set in a post-apocalyptic alien world where different races and factions… Read More »

GalaCollider is a 4X Sci-Fi Space Exploration, Deckbuilding, and Expandable Card Game, all rolled into one (did you get all… Read More »

BatteCON Online is a card-based duel system that is being ported from the immensely popular tabletop version, taking the fight… Read More »

I’ve known about Prismata for quite some time, since their original Kickstarter campaign — so of course I was eager… Read More »

When Armello first came to my attention, I sat up straight in my chair with anticipation — “Now this looks… Read More »

Nova Blitz is a real-time, digital, collectible card game with a hybrid fantasy and science-fiction theme, featuring unique mechanics involving hidden combat and… Read More »

Azorian Kings: Clash of Cards is a tactical, turn-based card game based upon the popular Azorian Kings strategy game. The… Read More »

Mage Tower is a Tower Defense and Deckbuilding Card Game where the aim is to survive longer than the opponent…. Read More »

Luckless Seven is a narrative-driven card and roleplaying game seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Set within the world of Arithia, you… Read More »

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