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In this category you will find previews and sneak peaks for trading card games that have not been released yet. We review open / closed Beta versions, or even Alpha versions that have been specifically provided to us for review before the game gets released to the public. If you’re looking to become a TCG beta game tester, this is the place to start your adventure at. Choose your favorite and request a beta key today.

Raido: Road to Ragnarok is an upcoming tactical card game seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter that borrows elements from popular card… Read More »

Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform, has been one of the most important things to happen to the hobby game industry… Read More »

Duelyst is a tactical combat / collectible card game based in a unique fantasy world with its own distinct pixel art style…. Read More »

Spellweaver TCG is a fantasy online collectible card game featuring six unique factions, daily and campaign quests and a strong focus on… Read More »

EarthCore: Shattered Elements is an upcoming card crafting strategy game that uses a 3-element system of combat. Cards can have their… Read More »

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