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Here you’ll find a list of all the interesting non-review articles that we publish, such as all the latest TCG/CCG news, strategy guides, humorous “Top 10”-style lists and more. Tired of reading review after review? Come and enjoy some of the other great articles we have published and you may just discover something new and refreshing for you to get excited about.

Hey there Pokémon Trainers! I’m back again with another look at a major deck archetype that has been prevalent in… Read More »

Technically this list should be easy to write. Five Magic cards? Surely you just take Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall and… Read More »

Minions, beasts, pirates, murlocs, mechs, and many others — they have all been fighting each other for a very long… Read More »

Mabinogi Duel is already gearing up to be the hottest “true trading” TCG on Android and iOS. We here at love this… Read More »

When playing Hearthstone, the best moments come from pulling off great card combinations. These are the memorable moments that you… Read More »

Welcome to the great big Hearthstone screenshot adventure! We will witness the new Tavern Brawl mode and all the madness… Read More »

Look, creating a card game like Hearthstone is hard, alright? Not only do you have to come up with bazillions… Read More »

In the game’s long history (over 15 years), Yu-Gi-Oh! has created many cards that were a ‘must have’ for collectors and… Read More »

Read our review of Mabinogi Duel here! Here at, we have graciously been given an exclusive interview with Dong-Gun Kim, Director… Read More »

Hearthstone has some truly awesome cards — cards that are just so fun to play that even if you’re on the receiving end… Read More »

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