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Surprise! Modern is very modern right now. All things are new, bannings, Eldrazi, and a recent Pro Tour really shook… Read More »

Magic: The Gathering announced the upcoming release of the 249 card set Eternal Masters. The reprint set does for Legacy,… Read More »

A Lethbridge man was recently charged with the theft of a $10,000 Magic: The Gathering card collection. In addition to… Read More »

Magic: The Gathering lost an icon last week — beloved artist Christopher Rush passed away on February 10 at the… Read More »

Last year, the Magic-themed Puzzle Quest took the AppStore by storm, easily becoming one of the favorite versions of the… Read More »

Ah Modern. The format that captured every dedicated Magic player’s imagination. It’s an eternal (non-rotating) format that doesn’t cost an… Read More »

In many theft reports of stolen Magic: The Gathering cards, the perpetrator usually knows something about the material they’ve stolen…. Read More »

Earlier this month the Magic: The Gathering community was hit by a massive wave of spoilers for their latest upcoming… Read More »

The mystery surrounding a recent batch of stolen Magic: The Gathering cards has been un-Veil-ed, if you’ll excuse the pun!… Read More »

Welcome, welcome. Have a seat. Would you like some Emmental? Gouda? Or maybe just some good ol’ cheddar because on… Read More »

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