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The world of digital TCGs/CCGs is fast-paced and there’s always something new and exciting just around the corner. Are you looking to hear about what new games are coming out soon, or updates on existing games that may be releasing soon? This is the place to look for all the latest information released about developments in the digital TCG/CCG world.

Magic: The Gathering announced the upcoming release of the 249 card set Eternal Masters. The reprint set does for Legacy,… Read More »

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, which was featured in an early preview at TCG last December, recently completed their 10-week closed beta… Read More »

Independent development, design, and consulting studio Dire Wolf Digital released a preview video of their upcoming TCG Eternal, developed by… Read More »

A Lethbridge man was recently charged with the theft of a $10,000 Magic: The Gathering card collection. In addition to… Read More »

Magic: The Gathering lost an icon last week — beloved artist Christopher Rush passed away on February 10 at the… Read More »

The Nicktoons channel recently aired a teaser trailer for the English dub debut of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V animated series that… Read More »

Announced last year, Pokémon’s latest English expansion XY-BREAKpoint made its way to stores on February 3, just a few weeks… Read More »

Only a few card games have earned a cult following among non-gamers because of their content and unique gameplay. Super… Read More »

Last year, the Magic-themed Puzzle Quest took the AppStore by storm, easily becoming one of the favorite versions of the… Read More »

EverdreamSoft, maker of trading card game (TCG) Moonga, released the Beta version of Spells of Genesis on February 2. Spells… Read More »

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