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The world of digital TCGs/CCGs is fast-paced and there’s always something new and exciting just around the corner. Are you looking to hear about what new games are coming out soon, or updates on existing games that may be releasing soon? This is the place to look for all the latest information released about developments in the digital TCG/CCG world.

On December 21st,  police arrested seemingly career-shoplifter/thief and Huntsville, Alabama resident Steven Floyd Troy Skinner for stealing over $500 worth… Read More »

Hex put together their annual Night of Bells holiday event for players, running from Monday, December 21st to Monday, January… Read More »

Earlier this month the Magic: The Gathering community was hit by a massive wave of spoilers for their latest upcoming… Read More »

The 16th of December was a dark day for TCG/CCG and Elder Scrolls fans across the globe. Vice President of… Read More »

Last week, Bushiroad announced they will be dramatically increasing the size of their annual Bushiroad Spring Fest, which includes three… Read More »

A redditor recently offered a Pro Tour participant over $38,000 USD to play the mediocre-at-best Magic card Séance at the… Read More »

The mystery surrounding a recent batch of stolen Magic: The Gathering cards has been un-Veil-ed, if you’ll excuse the pun!… Read More »

The Witcher 3 has received a makeover, now with even more card battling than before! Hearts of Card is a… Read More »

The Nexon Korean Corporation published digital card game Mabinogi Duel is now available for mobile devices across the world. Mabinogi… Read More »

Desert Owl Games (DOG) recently released Visions of Amareth, the 27th expansion for its hit turn-based tactical strategy game PoxNora…. Read More »

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