Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Entering Open Beta

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, which was featured in an early preview at TCG last December, recently completed their 10-week closed beta test, which included over 700,000 games played and endless feedback from participants. With the closed beta behind developers, they’re planning to launch the open beta for the game on March 23. The recently released trailer for the updated, beta version of the strategy card game shows some major updates to content. Unfortunately, those who participated in closed beta will lose their game progress; however, they’ll also be given rewards and perks for their early involvement.


At the beginning of 2016, developers released information on updated rewards and a new crafting system, which quadrupled the chances of packs containing Ruby and Diamond cards, and integrated crafting into the deckbuilding process for a streamlined experience.

Developer Jagex Games Studio launched the closed beta for the game on November 25 last year, and completed the testing on February 8. They’ve thoroughly culled through all of the feedback from closed beta participants and are working on updating­ the game to incorporate the thoughts and ideas received. The planned changes include a huge increase in content, another game mode, the ability to customize the playable Legends, and much more. They also improved game balance, completely changed the game’s crafting system, and are fixing bugs found during the closed beta that hindered overall game performance. This translates to faster load times, a more stable product, and a more seamless user experience.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends will be introducing their fifth and possibly sixth Legends, the Vampyre Vanescula and the Slayer Master Morvan. The update will include an additional 40 cards. Vanescula is a 100-percent go for the open beta, but Morvan may have to wait a while depending on how updates go over the next few weeks. However, he is listed as a ‘stretch goal’ on the game’s blog.

All Legends will now be customizable, with the option of adding skins as you level up the Legends and unlock options in the game’s store. The new Skilling system will also open up customization options, with more information coming on the available options as the launch of open beta gets closer. Based on player feedback, developers will also launch a new game mode: Dungeoneering. This PvP mode allows players to create a drafted deck to battle it out with others. Two new locations will also be introduced, including the Wilderness Crater and the Barrows.


This specialty card back will only be available to closed beta participants.

Because of the changes being made, current players’ game progress cannot be kept; all stats will be wiped, although players will be able to keep user names. Developers promise that this is the last game wipe – anything done or earned after the open beta launch will stay with the player for the life of the game. As a reward for participating in the closed beta, players will receive access to the open beta a week early, on March 16. Logging back in to the game during open beta will net closed beta participants an exclusive card back, Pioneer title, emblem, and a chest full of copper.

Every Wednesday leading up to the launch, the developers will be hosting Livestreams to showcase even more reveals of the updated version of the game. Stay tuned for more information, and if you’re interested in the open beta, you can sign up for updates on the launch at the game’s site!

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