Clash of Clans Follow-up To Be a Digital Card Game

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile apps ever, with millions of players worldwide. The Finnish-based development studio, Supercell, has created their follow-up to this immensely popular title and has included two of gaming’s most popular genres in one mobile offering.

Clash Royale features real-time multiplayer action using popular mechanics from trading/collectible card games like Hearthstone and combines them with the lane-based strategic gameplay of a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBAs).


Clash Royale combines elements of trading/collectible card games and multiplayer online battle arenas in its follow-up title to the massively popular Clash of Clans.

The core gameplay focuses on card collection, with the cards themselves representing the characters and spells you can play during combat. The characters are taken directly from the Clash of Clans universe and injected into this new mobile offering. Check out the video at the end of this article for a little more insight into the gameplay.

Clash Royale was recently soft-launched on iOS in a handful of territories and countries (including its home country Finland): Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong. Plans are to launch the game in more countries, but it all depends on the reception it gets from the soft-launch.

Popular Clash of Clans YouTubers were invited to a one-off special tournament in Helsinki to celebrate the launch of the game. The eight YouTube stars battled it out to be crowned the first Clash Royale champion. After some grueling and intense battles, Chief Pat emerged the ultimate victor and was awarded the coveted title and trophy from the runner-up, Clash with Ash.

Just like its predecessor, Clash Royale will be free-to-play and thus will get the bulk of its revenue from in-app purchases. Card packs will most likely be at the forefront of in-app purchases along with the usual upgrades found in TCGs/CCGs and MOBAs.


Clash Royale has already hosted its first – yet exclusive – tournament in Helsinki, Finland. Clash of Clans YouTube stars battled it out to be crowned the first Clash Royale Champion.

Supercell is no stranger to mobile apps. Along with the popular Clash of Clans, they have developed a number of exceedingly impressive titles, including Boom Beach and Hay Day. However, Clash of Clans remains the developer’s top-grossing game available on iOS and Android, helping the firm amass almost $900 million in revenue back in 2013. This secured Supercell’s position in the industry as one of the biggest app developers for the mobile platform.

Despite both games being set in the same universe, Clash Royale is not a sequel to Clash of Clans. In fact, both games are being looked after by different development teams tasked with bringing us the best content they possibly can.

If Clash Royale can emulate the addictive gameplay of TCGs/CCGs with the strategic depth offered by MOBAs, then it will have everything it needs to offer one hell of a gaming experience. The fast-paced, action-packed title looks set to take the mobile gaming world by storm — if it gets a worldwide release, that is!

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