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Game of Dragons has managed to secure Steam Greenlight status in just ten days — there aren’t many games that can claim this accolade. The game aims to deliver a strategic card game driven by a deep fantasy RPG experience with a hint of board game design for good measure (we love board games around here, so consider us intrigued!).

The premise of the game is that players will build their decks prior to exploring a vast world. Here they will take on quests and battle monsters using a party of heroes.

The game is still in its early stages of development, and the developers have taken to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to help get the project the momentum and funds it needs to launch.

Just how different is Game of Dragons to the usual RPG/CCG mash-ups? Read on to find out…


The number of spaces your character moves is wholly reliant upon the cards you used. This is a great new mechanic introduced in this RPG/CCG mash-up.


First of all Game of Dragons has nothing to do with the incredibly popular Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. Despite the game sharing a similar title and its usage of dragons, there are no other similarities!

The first thing you’ll notice from all of the released media for the title is that it is still in a very early development phase. However, there is much to be excited about from what we can see. The RPG element of the game has some unique features that incorporate the usage of the card system in a very innovative fashion.

Instead of free movement or die rolls, you use your cards to move around the world. The current layout is over hex tiles and your chosen cards give you a set number of moves over the terrain. I’m hoping that the map is cleaned up a lot more and the transitions between tiles are made smoother, as this new mechanic deserves something special.

RPGs have a tendency to have a long story arch that translates to many hours of intense and well-composed gameplay. When you set the story in a fantasy world, then you can truly let your imagination run wild. The developers, 14Dimension, are based in South Korea, so there is bound to be plenty of creative Asian-styled thinking behind the quests, characters, and monsters you’ll encounter.


Traverse the world map one tile at a time. You may encounter quests, other playable and non-playable characters, or battles to be fought.

Gameplay Continued…

Five characters have already been confirmed for Game of Dragons and I’m sure we’ll see more as the development continues. Play as a Mage, Ranger, or even as Feiah the Dragon Tamer. Each class comes complete with their own deck of cards and abilities. As you level your character and explore the world of Zeta, you will unlock new cards and find new characters who may join your party of adventurers.

The combat system will look familiar to hardened fans of RPGs. Your hero/heroes stand on one side of the screen with the enemies on the opposite side. The combat, at this stage, is fully automated with no input from the player. Your heroes will conduct a basic attack at regular intervals. However, you can influence the combat by playing cards from your hand.

We’ve been promised over 200 individual and unique developer-designed cards at launch. This number pales in comparison to the sheer number that we’ll see in the game thanks to the unique card crafting system. You can essentially design your own cards, including title, artwork, and even effects from lists of approved abilities. I cannot stress enough how excited I am at exploring this feature in-depth!


It is clear that a lot of work has gone into making the special effects as amazing as possible. I’m sure the same level of detail will be given to the rest of the game too.


So far what we know about Game of Dragons is that it will contain a deep RPG element. Story-driven missions in a dungeon-style system with final bosses at the end of each mission is what we can look forward to in the game.

Completing quests and missions can change as you play through the use of Skill cards. These cards can be used by individual heroes or by the entire party. These changes can drastically change the gameplay and add a whole new level of excitement to the game. This feature also makes the game sound a lot less linear than other RPGs.

The basic gameplay follows a turn-based system where you take a turn to decide which cards to use for movement. Battles are fought in real-time but casting times are set in a turn-based fashion as per games like Final Fantasy. You can arrange your characters before the battle in a 3×3 grid which will have some influence on their damage given and received.


The custom card creator is going to be one of the biggest USPs (Unique Selling Points) for this game. The fact that you can name, create the artwork, and choose the effect of a card is an enormous deal! We’ve yet to see it work in a digital TCG/CCG.

The game will initially launch on PC, iOS, and Android platforms in three languages: English, Korean, and Japanese. There are stretch goals for the Kickstarter to add many more languages and next-gen consoles so that the game can reach a much larger audience. Online multiplayer is also a stretch goal, and it would be great to see how this feature would work in this style of game but of course we hope that it will be balanced.

The artwork looks very impressive so far and I’m hoping that this standard is maintained throughout. Graphically the demo build we see in the released media for the game is very rough around the edges. However, this is to be expected at this stage of the game, and from what we can see plenty of effort is being put into the special effects and cards. So it’s doubtful that the map and character models will remain the same as they are currently.


The battle scenarios will look and play very similarly to other classical JRPGs. Expect both real-time and turn-based mechanics to be at work throughout the battles.

First Impressions

Game of Dragons is shaping up to be a fascinating game. Its blend of the traditional TCG/CCG and RPG elements with an entirely new usage of the card mechanics for movement are going to make it stand out from the crowd.

There isn’t much in the way of media released except some concept art and a very early, very basic gameplay showcase. However, from what we can see, it does look like an interesting mash-up of genres. We can only hope that more information is released quickly to entice people to back it on Kickstarter so that it can receive the full funding it needs.

Game of Dragons is likely to appeal to the mid-hardcore RPG gaming crowd. There is plenty here for TCG/CCG fans too, especially the card creation feature, which is going to appeal to those of us who have wanted to create their own cards for the games we love.

For more information on Game of Dragons, check out the Kickstarter here.

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