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Dengen Chronicles

Dengen Chronicles is in the world of manga, where you have some fantastic art and aspects that are not common in these types of games. On top of that, you have both RPG elements and TCG elements coming together to create one of the most unique, exciting experiences that you will ever have.

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Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise is a monster collecting and battling game with so, so much more to offer. It keeps you on your toes as you go on journeys, as you collect, and as you improve. You can fuse, battle, explore, and become the best in the game, showing off your skills and monsters to everyone.

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Pirate Maidens

Pirate Maidens is a beautiful game for the older players out there due to some of the art. If you are 17 or older and would like to a play a game that looks and plays great, and that offers some twists that you cannot find with most other games, then this is certainly something to pick up.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Explore Pokemon in new and amazing ways with the Pokemon Trading Card Game. If you have ever played the actual Pokemon TCG before, but would like to make it more exciting, this is the experience you are after. For any fans, playing this game will give the chance to battle in brand new, exciting ways.

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From the art to the features to the intense battles, Fantasica is a fantastic game all around. You are going to have tower defense mixed in with some fantastic battles and characters that are going to have you amazed every step of the way. When you strategize and work at your best, you can see this game truly come to life

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Deity Wars

Deity Wars is going to have you working double time. You are going to need to collect powerful cards, send them into battle, and work with lightning fast speed. This game moves quickly, but it never once becomes boring. You are going to be able to enjoy it fully from start to finish.

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 Urban Rivals10

Urban Rivals

Every piece of Urban Rivals stands out as unique. If you have been playing these types of games in the past and love them, this is going to change things up in a good way. You still get the experience that you want, sure, but it is going to feel new and fresh.

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 Fantasy Rivals11

Fantasy Rivals

Fantasy Rivals is from the creators of Urban Rivals. If you have played Urban Rivals in the past, you may want to play this one, too. You have a similar experience, just with a fantasy twist and with some improvements that help to make it more fun and unique on its own.

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 Rage of Bahamut16

Rage of Bahamut

Real time fights, some amazing cards, beautiful art details, and a massive community all help to make Rage of Bahamut one of the best card battling games you will ever play. Here, you have the chance to do everything from building a deck to battling to making friends, and all easily.

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 Guardian Cross6

Guardian Cross

With Guardian Cross, you can catch guardians with an enchanted rifle, go to battle, and show off your skills, and all while having a lot of fun. This game never stops the excitement and challenges, even when you are not actually battling, which is what makes it so great to play.

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Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends offers some incredible strategy opportunities, great battles, and everything you expect out of games like Magic The Gathering, just without the same cost. You have a massive and wonderful experience awaiting you here that does not require payment at all, making everything that you do so much more fun.

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Heroes of the Realm

Buy or win cards to protect the realm in Heroes of the Realm. As you progress through the game, can build your deck, take down impressive enemies, and succeed in areas that most others never could. It is a great card battling game for anyone who loves a good story and intense battles.

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 Jolly Grim2


JollyGrim is straightforward, easy to learn, exciting, and always offering something new. There are over 200 unique cards to collect, plenty of ways to improve the way that you battle, and the chance to just have fun. This game never fails to surprise and delight, even with the veterans of the genre.

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Card City Nights

Card City Nights is all about having fun. While the battles and cards are fantastic, most definitely, you also have art and music that helps to give this game a unique edge. It creates a mood and personality for itself that you are not likely to find elsewhere.

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Gang Domination

Take down rivals in Gang Domination by collecting over 200 cards, learning the basics, improving your skills and knowledge, and becoming a powerful figure in general. This game pushes you and your expectations for what these games can be, offering more than you ever realized was possible with these games.

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