Games Like Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Here is a list of games that are similar to Battlegrounds of Eldhelm.

Infinity Wars10

Infinity Wars

Introducing Infinity Wars, a game that offers a fully animated deck of cards. This brings an unusual twist to the common tabletop TCG’s out there. The animated deck brings you a more interesting, and visually appealing first impression. However, you will notice several other features as you advance through the storyline.

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Kaijudo Online

In this TCG you have three phases, including: Manna, Main and Attack. While the Manna phase is important, as you lose a card to recharge your Manna, the Main phase is where the action happens. Cast your spells or creatures to the field, then move into the Attack phase and take down your enemy!

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 Duel of Champions12

Duel of Champions

Remain busy for hours with this TCG that includes over 250 cards to pick and collect. Unlike other TCG’s, Duel of Champions allows you to choose which hero you want. Increase your decks strength by collecting rare and powerful cards. Many more features are available that make it more unique.

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 Forgotten Myths10

Forgotten Myths

If you are wanting a fast paced TCG, with a simple learning curve, check out Forgotten Myths! This is the newest release from Anchora Games, an online fantasy TCG that offers you a challenging, yet fun experience with many creative twists. Take part in daily quests to collect loot and other stuff!

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 Pokemon 8

Pokemon Trading Card Game

If your a Pokemon fan, or just looking for a TCG that provides many tutorials, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is what you’ve been looking for. Choose your element, Fire, Water or Earth, then go into battle with other Pokemon Masters, defeat them to show you are the Pokemon Champion!

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 Magic the Gathering8

Duels of the Planeswalkers

Welcome to the fantasy TCG available for purchase in video game format. You get the feeling of a TCG with high definition graphics. With rare, powerful cards being animated, Duels of the Planeswalkers brings an uncommon angle to the screen. Build a deadly deck, battle your enemies and become the best!

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 Shadow Era10

Shadow Era

Enjoy a TCG with dynamics that offer a deep strategy playing field? How about mixing that with easy to play mechanics? In Shadow Era, you can ensure victory over your enemies by improving upon your starter deck, collecting powerful cards and creating awesome strategies! Do you have what it takes to become the best during battle?

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 Order Chaos Duels7

Order Chaos Duels

Order Chaos Duels brings you an atmosphere with pretty card art and a face paced environment.  You will need to come up with creative strategies in addition to making your deck powerful to overcome your opponents. You must defend the world, defeat evil and Zepar. Be the hero everyone needs!

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Join Eredan and see if you have what it takes to become a leader among Golems, Elf’s, even the Undead and more in this 2D Fantasy MMO TCG! With hundreds of cards and a medieval theme, the graphics are enough to keep you playing for hours! Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

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If you are trying to find a new TCG that has cool graphic art, a fun environment and dynamic gameplay then you described Faeria. Strategic playing is key to winning the battles against your opponents, as the dynamics require you to plan ahead. The artwork will keep things interesting as every card is very detailed.

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 Kingdoms CCG1

Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG may be new, but is becoming more popular every day as it offers you excitement with card collecting, deck building, and hero abilities and skills that you can use to fight other people in various PvP arenas. With an easy to understand interface, it’s good for any age.

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Phantom Chronicle

This is a TCG that focuses on phantom creatures, have a fun and unique experience while building, and improving your deck. Battle and gain exp points to level your phantom. With a bunch of cards to choose from, you have many phantoms to build your deck from! Each phantom has their own set of abilities.

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War Metal: Tyrant

War Metal: Tyrant welcomes you to join a CCG that is closer to the real thing than what you usually find online, and it’s free to play through Facebook! Join a guild, gain reputation, and get rewards while you make your way through the different areas offered. Your deck can have a max of 10 cards, this means you must choose wisely!

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Confrontation Web Card Game

Developed by UserJoy Technology, Confrontation brings you a well presented TCG with great artwork. You have tutorials to get you started, this has you playing quickly. Playable on Facebook, this fantasy world has a dark theme, options for single and multiplayer modes, and joins magic, science, and brutality for a unique gameplay!

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Ederon brings you excitement, uniqueness, and an overall good time with this TCG. In addition to an unusual trading card setup, many different and unique creatures to collect, trade and duel with, it also offers eight different hero classes  to decide from, bringing you even closer to the classic RPG style gameplay.

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