Games Like Battles and Monsters

Here is a list of games that are similar to Battles and Monsters.


Pokemon Trading Card Game

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a hugely popular, successful TCG that has been around for years. You can collect Pokemon cards, battle against friends, and trade them. They all have unique moves, abilities, and powers, too, just like the real Pokemon in the anime and video games that you already know.

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 Combining cards

Mighty Smighties

Built for a younger audience but perfect for all ages, Mighty Smighties is a wonderful and simple card battle game. You can collect cards of five different elements and varied rarities, you can battle them, you can combine them, and you can build strategies. All ages will have fun with it.

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 Combat Monsters

Monster Battles: TCG

Collect monsters and elemental stones in Monster Battles: TCG. You will have to build a deck, build a strategy, and work your way to victory. Go against another trainer using your cards and collect more as you play. Soon enough, you will have an unbeatable deck of monsters ready to play.

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Mabinogi Duel

Based on a Korean MMORPG, Mabinogi Duel is a card battling game where you play a half-elf trying to become fully human once again. You will have to summon monsters, strategize, and get to the Holy Land to complete the mission that you have set forth for yourself. It is a difficult, exciting journey.

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 Dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

Yu-Gi-Oh! has had an immense amount of popularity since its release, and that continues to this day. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation is proof of how many people love it. You can collect cards and battle people from anywhere. It is a true dueling experience that any duelist would love, and it goes into your pocket, too.

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 Tower Arena rules

Order & Chaos Duels

Based on the hugely popular Order & Chaos game for phones and tablets, Order & Chaos Duels is set in the same universe but uses cards. You will use cards to battle others and you will do this while sticking with a theme and universe you know. It is great fun, fan of the original or not.

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 Attack spells clashing with one another in Moonga.


A great art style, a lot of cards, strategy, and battles are only part of what make Moonga wonderful. You also have the chance to bet, turning this into a sort of gambling game. It is gambling with your power and with your victory, adding a new level of difficulty to strategies that will challenge even the most experienced out there.

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Urban Rivals

Psychological warfare makes its way into card battling with Urban Rivals. Its comic style art and the strategies you have to create make this the TCG / CCG to play. You have an experience that will feel completely new and exciting, even with the game being nearly 10 years old now.

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 More combat

HEX: Shards of Fate

HEX: Shards of Fate gives you the chance to go against others and battle using your cards. It comes from a hugely popular developer so you know you can trust that this is a fun game. With a PvP option, and soon enough a PvE option to go with it, there are always battles awaiting you here.

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Kingdoms CCG

From hero abilities to numerous guild features, Kingdoms CCG is the game to play. It has a lot for you to do, keeping you busy every moment. You can go from playing against other players to improving your guild, all with ease. Becoming the best is harder, and more enjoyable, than ever before.

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