Games Like BloodRealm: Battlegrounds

Here is a list of games that are similar to BloodRealm: Battlegrounds.



Berserk: Universe offers everything you want in a card collecting and battling game. You will build your deck, strategize, and have various types of cards. What sets it apart, though, is the fact that it feels a bit like a board game. It gives you everything you want, but in a brand new package.

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 Urban Rivals7


The psychological warfare has begun with Urban Rivals. Here, you will have to battle and bluff your way to victory. There is no saying who will win, especially when it is part gambling. It takes your regular card battling games and makes them worlds more exciting and interesting, resulting in something beautiful.

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 Card Hunter5

Card Hunter

Card Hunter offers a mix of two of the most popular games: DnD and MtG. It does so wonderfully, too. It looks good, it plays well, it has intense battles, it offers many creatures and opponents, and it keeps the entire experience interesting and entertaining from the moment that you start.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

For fans of the World of Warcraft game, Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft is a must play. It gives you the universe of WoW, everything you know and love, and makes it a card battling and collecting game. Have all of the characters you already love and battle them in a new way.

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 War 12

War of Omens

Choose a faction and go to war in War of Omens. There are a few different options for factions, all with their own unique set of cards. When you choose one, you will receive your starter cards, which you can build upon as you go further. With the many differences between factions, you can play and replay all you want.

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 Cards view

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm takes an RPG approach to TCG. You have the cards and the battling, of course, as well as a character with levels. You will improve your character throughout the game, applying points to skills that you need. It will help you to become better as a whole.

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 Shadow Era6

Shadow Era

Battle your way through the world of Balor or challenge friends when you play Shadow Era. It is your regular trading card game, giving you the chance to collect and battle various types of cards. Build a powerful deck, build strategies, and go at your opponents at full force to win.

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 Deck building

Summoner’s Legion

Summoner’s Legion is a rather large game with a lot to offer. You have your cards and your deck like most TCG out there, but you also have dungeons, guilds, and so much more. It is a game full of options and features to keep even the most experienced out there busy.

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Choose your elemental, get your monsters, and battle in Elements! This game focuses largely on elements, as the name suggests. You will have to choose the right element for you, one of many, and start building up your deck. Get monsters, win battles, and fight your way to becoming the best.

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The people behind the hugely popular World of Warcraft Trading Card Game have made HEX: Shards of Fate. It received an enormous amount of backing from interested individuals and is now available to play. It offers exceptional gameplay, cards, art, and experience that you cannot find elsewhere, making it one of the best titles.

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