Games Like Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

Here is a list of games that are similar to Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards.


Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Like most people, you probably played World of Warcraft. Whether you liked it or not, you should try out Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft. It is set in the same universe with the same character. Collect cards, battle, build a deck, and explore this universe in a brand new way that you never have before.

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 Dungeon raid

Summoner’s Legion

Summoner’s Legion gives you a lot to do. You have you trading card and battling features, of course, but there is so much more to it. You have a dungeon, you have guilds, and you have options that make this one of the bigger and more interesting trading card games on the market right now.

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Solforge is what you would expect in a trading card game. This makes it perfect for everyone, regardless of age. Play it on mobile on the go or pick it up online where you can play for hours. However you prefer to play, this is an easy title to get into and enjoy. It is for all types of TCG fans.

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 More combat

HEX: Shards of Fate

HEX: Shards of Fate is similar to the popular World of Warcraft TCG from the same developer. They made both games so you will see a lot of overlap. However, this game does succeed in standing out and offering an entirely unique experience fun for all types of TCG fans out there.

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 Rift Run

Infinity Wars

Bored of the average TCG experience? If so, check out Infinity Wars. It will change things up for you in a good way. You can do everything you expect to do in a TCG, obviously, but you also have puzzles and other features that keep it interesting. It stands out and gives you something more to do.

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 Shadow Era1

Shadow Era

Shadow Era plays like most other TCG titles. Collect your cards, build your deck, and fight opponents. It is everything you expect in this type of game, and all with great art. It is a wonderful experience for any TCG fan that wants to enjoy card collecting and battling in a brand new package.

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 Campaign Combat

Card Hunter

Inspired by the two greats, Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, Card Hunter gives you the best of both worlds. Collect cards and battle them in a tabletop setting. You will have to use strategy, build your deck, and use the area around you wisely if you want to come out successful.

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 Mystical Starter Pack

Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG is a beautifully built game with guilds, card battling, heroes, hero abilities, and much more. It takes the features that you want in a CCG, that you have come to expect or desire, and makes them much better. It is one fluid, wonderful experience overall, and it is done well.

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 New character creation

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm offers a lot of the TCG features you want. Collect your cards, battle, take on new opponents, and grow. It also has some RPG elements that you will not find elsewhere. Level up your character and improve your skills to become a better card collector and battler.

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 Tournaments are currently run like a Hearthstone "Arena"-style draft mode.

War of Omens

Choose your faction and go to war in War of Omens. Each faction is unique, offering completely different cards and types. Choose wisely as they will greatly affect your strategy and the cards that you collect. With a good faction, you can have the best strategy and take out opponents easily.

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