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Here is a list of games that are similar to Card Hunter.


Culdcept Saga

Battle your creatures against many different monsters using many different spells and items. Arm your hero with helmets, skills, gloves and various armors. Culdcept Saga is a TCG for Xbox 360 and with its hard to beat levels, it makes it an interesting game for everyone who loves creative TCG’s.

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This competition based TCG is what you want if you are looking for an OS friendly game. Share battles with friends by giving them a URL. You now get new main characters and a started deck, private duels and messages, and be able to have a custom deck builder interface. If that doesn’t make you want to log in and play, then who knows what will.

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Heroes of the Realm

Blend elements of TCG’s, RPG’s, and Simulation all in a cram packed adventure. Choose from more than 350 unique heroes. Create a kingdom from the bottom up with your own creative mind. Customize your AI, units, and which squads they will be in to perform their best. Take a chance and challenge other players to prove your skill and strength.

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Enjoy this new and exciting twist on traditional TCG’s. Developed by Mojang, you have creature cards and power, and also cards that contain resources which are used in placing other scrolls on the battle field. Not only do you have Trials system, which makes you battle AI opponents, but you also have several different PvP modes.

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Rise of Mythos

Join one of four classes and build your deck using unique creature cards from different factions. Protect Silver Heron Ridge from evil and battle AI opponents in the challenge hall. Fight till you reach the top of the Ascension Tower and receive powerful rewards. Lastly, show off your custom deck building skills and declare victory over everyone in the arena.

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This collectible card battle game has a twist. Your cards , instead of being all about numbers, you must deploy your cards strageically in tower defense battles against various enemies in the air and on the ground. Although it doesn’t have modern CCG features, it has layers of strategies that other CCG’s can’t compete with.

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In this exciting TCG you are playing 1 on 1 featuring more than 250 different cards with five levels that range from legendary to common. Battle using your best tactics and resource management to create and play with your own customizable cards.

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Clash of the Dragons

Construct your own deck by collecting cards to compete against AI or live opponents. With its unique PvE system and quests, you will never get tired of playing. Take on other players in PvP combat in multiple different ways. You can play this TCG for days on end and not think once about stopping.

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 Kings and Legends4

Kings and Legends

Create a deck with different creatures and heroes, using their power to make sure that your lands are not invaded. Equip heroes with various items and trade with other players. You can  jump into the arena for an action packed challenge or try you hand at the storyline.

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 Infinity Wars14

Infinity Wars

TCG fans will love the exciting and creative Infinity Wars. This game improves TCG’s making it unique. You will enjoy the one of a kind game-play and storyline. Equipped with intricate features and animated art, that are very rare to come across, you are definitely going to have a wonderful experience with this game.

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 Orions Legend Of Wizards3

Orions Legends of Wizards

A TCG that is an exception to traditional games. You build and collect resources as you battle and play with Magic. This game is a great way to experience TCG’s in a fun and new way. If you don’t enjoy this game, then maybe Trading Card Games aren’t for you.

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Star Wars: Force Collection

Star Wars fans, there is a new game that is just for you. Become a force master and become victorious in battle. This mobile TCG gives you the option to discover 230 or more character cards and use them against your opponents.  Find blueprints and create a custom battle formation. Collect all the cards and show the world you are a Force Master!

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A new free to play Android or Online game. Join epic battles either alone or with other players. Earn experience , cards and money playing quests. The more you play you will use your stamina points, but don’t worry your stamina will grow as you level up. You can also get new additions for your app via online app stores.

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Magnus Ignis

If you enjoy Magic the Gathering then you will love Magnus Ignis . This Android based TCG you have all the excitement that comes with new cards and a great story. This game has everything you would expect and more. Don’t worry this is a free to play game and you will play this for hours and not realize it.

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 Kingdoms CCG9

Kingdoms CCG

A new game for all card game enthusiasts. You collect cards, build you battle deck, upgrade your heroes abilities and compete in PVP arenas. Travel through different areas and complete quests to upgrade your hereo and battle it out in various arenas. You can even join a guild or compete in tournaments.

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