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Here is a list of games that are similar to Cast & Conquer.

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Conquest of Champions

A mix of trading card game and tabletop, Conquest of Champions gives you a brand way new to strategize and play. You will have your cards, of course, but you also have an arena that is entirely different from the average TCG arena. Move around what you summon and find the best plan of attack.

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Card Hunter

Card Hunter brings together two of the most popular games out there: Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering. These two games alone are wonderful, but this title combines them beautifully. You will collect cards, strategize, go out to the field, and go to war with your opponents like never before.

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Trouble With Robots

Trouble With Robots is a bit different from other trading card games. You have your cards and strategy, but you also have an army attacking and a wonderful story. These differences make it a memorable experience that will have you thinking and laughing from the moment you start to the finish.

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In this steampunk style game, you will have to strategize and fight your way to success. AErena takes place on a floating arena with all types of characters and features. You have to fight, plan, and move. Your characters are not just sitting still so it is a bit harder than your average TCG is.

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Cards and Castles

Cards and Castles has a cartoon look and new way to play. You will get your cards and your buildings, you will attack the castle of the enemy, and you will protect your own castle. Everything is on a grid so you have to strategize with place and attack rather than just focusing on the cards.

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Collect trading cards and head to battle in Avillum. It will make you feel young again, it will challenge you, it will leave you wanting more, and it will keep you having fun. This game has a lot to it, and it continues to offer this excitement for anyone who plays it, no matter age or experience level.

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Heroes of the Realm

Collect your cards and become the most powerful Lord in Heroes of the Realm. Your cards are your heroes, those who will help you to succeed. You will use them to kill opponents, grow, and move your way up towards success. Watch your progress as your land becomes better and better.

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 Rise of Mythos15

Rise of Mythos

In Rise of Mythos, you want to take out evil forces and build an incredible deck. You will work towards having a frighteningly powerful deck and building your strategy. It is multiplayer, too. This multiplayer feature works in ways that you do not normally see, and that make it incredibly exciting.

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 Kings and Legends12

Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends gives you a free experience similar to that of Magic the Gathering. If you like trading card games, collecting cards, building heroes and monsters in your deck, and intense battles, and all while being strategic, you will want to play this game for hours on end.

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 Scrolls 13


Strategy and action are main parts of Scrolls. You have to lay your cards wisely, you have to move them in just the right way, and you have to know what to play. It is no simple task managing all of this. The reward, though, is taking out all of the opponents that stand in your way and watching yourself improve.

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Exploration, a story, customization, and more await you in Eminence. This is a trading card game, of course, but it feels like so much more. It gives you unique experiences you will not find in many other titles. It is perfect for newcomers to the genre as well as any hardcore fans of trading card games.

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War of Omens

In War of Omens, you have the chance to choose a faction and begin building your deck. Each faction is hugely different so you can work them into your strategy and the way that you play. Once you get started, play your cards wisely as you would in any trading card game.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

If you love the World of Warcraft game, or if you like the universe at all, you should check out Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft. It is set in the same universe, but as a trading card game. You have the same types of characters and monsters, and you can use them to tear apart opponents.

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Fantasy Rivals

Bet and think your way to success with Fantasy Rivals. You will have to do more than play cards wisely if you want to win. Psychological warfare is important here, and it can change everything. You have to use your power and skills to outthink and outsmart the opponents if you want to win.

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Summoner’s Legion

If you love trading card games, Summoner’s Legion is definitely a title to pick up. It offers the same type of experience you want, but with a lot more. Form card crafting to guilds, this is a game full of features and options. It makes the most out of an already popular genre.

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