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Fantasy Rivals

While it starts off like any other trading card game, Fantasy Rivals is unlike any other trading card game. The stunning art, the intense action, and the wonderful experience help to make it stand out, even for long time players of this genre. You are going to be addicted from the moment you get your first deck.

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Rise of Mythos

Choose a hero and take a stand in Rise of Mythos. This game requires a good mix of strategy, card choice, and power if you want to win arena battles, and you are going to need to make sure that you are putting your all into everything. It demands the best out of you in order to make the most out of it.

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Choose your elemental, build your deck, and take down everyone in your path. Elements never stops with the surprises and excitement, even as you continue to push on and become better. You are going to have the incredible battles and the amazing cards that make this game stand out without sacrificing the experience you expect.

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 Battle for Gea 6

Battle for Gea

Long time fans of card battling games will want to pick up Battle for Gea. This game challenges you in ways that you are not going to find elsewhere. It keeps you focused on the strategy and the decks, and it forces you to do better than you have ever done before in these games.

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 Shadow Era11

Shadow Era

Choose a hero and start the attack in Shadow Era. This game offers some fantastic opportunities for card battlers to show off their skills and to have plenty of fun. You are going to build a deck, defeat enemies, and move through a world that never stops being exciting, even after playing for a while.

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Cabals: The Card Game

Cabals: The Card Game is wonderful in just about every way. You have the art that captures your attention immediately, the mechanics that keep the game feeling good as you play, the multiplayer that you are sure to love, and the playability that gives you access anywhere, at any time.

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 Orbs CCG12

Orbs CCG

Orbs CCG is the card game that you want. It is what gives you a challenge, it is what makes fighting with cards fun, and it is what captures your imagination. You can fall in love over and over again as you build a deck, strategize, and take down any opponent that is foolish enough to cross your path.

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 Dengen Chronicles12

Dengen Chronicles

Customization and RPG elements make this TCG stand out amongst all the rest. Dengen Chronicles gives you everything that you never knew you wanted in one of these types of games, and it pulls it all off so well that you are going to wish more games would follow its lead.

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 Nightbanes 9


For those of you with a love for the darkness, Nightbanes is the game that you are after. You have dark arts and dark creatures that would haunt anyone’s dreams, and you have the type of card battling excitement that makes this genre so perfect. It all combines so well here, too.

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An always improving game, Rolplay helps you to stay entertained and ready to fight. Whether you are just starting with card battling games or you are a veteran of the genre, you will love the game, the art, and the new features and improvements that help to keep this game alive.

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While you may come for the art or the excitement, you are going to stay for everything. Solforge does not stop interesting you at any point because of how well everything is put together. The art grabs your attention, the game keeps you challenged, and the overall experience keeps you addicted.

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 Jolly Grim3


Fantasy and imagination have come alive in JollyGrim. This game is a never-ending flood of excitement, entertainment, fairy tales, magic, power, and so much more. You may never want to leave this game, and you may find yourself addicted in just moments of starting out with it. There is far too much to love.

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Berserk: the Cataclysm

With tower management and exciting card battling action mixed into one, Berserk: the Cataclysm is going to leave you wishing for much, much more, and it is going to continue to offer. This is the type of game that gets you hooked and that you are certain to love from the moment that you start.

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Strategy is what really matters in Fantasica. Anyone with a love for strategic card battling will have what they want here and so much more than you could have ever expected. This game is full of surprises, beauty, excitement, and the type of experience that you want out of every CCG.

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 Card City Nights0

Card City Nights

Lovely art, an interesting story, and one phenomenal experience are what make Card City Nights the fantastic game that it is. Whether you are a veteran of these games or this is your first, there is more to love here than you could have ever imagined. Play and see why so many others think the same.

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