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Here is a list of games that are similar to Confrontation Web Card Game.


Berserk: Universe

With things like booster packs and deck building, Berserk: Universe does seem like your regular trading card game. How it plays, however, is similar to board games. For anyone who likes tabletop and trading card games, this blends the two beautifully. The creation is incredible, and completely addictive from the moment you start.

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BloodRealm Battlegrounds

In BloodRealm Battlegrounds, you have the chance to take out gods. Use your troops and spells to overpower and destroy them, becoming the best there is. It is a difficult journey, but one worth taking. This story plays out with everything you love about trading card games, making it an entertaining challenge.

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War Metal: Tyrant

War Metal: Tyrant is a sequel game with a lot of what you loved about the original, just with updated features and aspects to make it better to play. It gives you the chance to play a 10 card deck against opponents, collect cards, and continue to move your way up through to victory.

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Towers: Archmage war

Towers: Archmage war is a different kind of card game. Yeah, you are going to battle against your opponent using cards, but you are also going to protect your tower and destroy the tower of your enemy. Do what you can to keep your tower in good shape while working towards the destruction of others.

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Phantom Chronicle

Phantom Chronicle is what you want in a trading card game. Collect Phantoms, control them, and become the best. Battling them is difficult, especially with their power, but this is something you can master. The art and story make all of the effort worth it, too. It continually surprises and delights.

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Forgotten Myths

Forgotten Myths is similar to many other trading card games, including hugely popular ones like Magic the Gathering. You will collect and battle your cards, of course, but this one is a little different. It adds some twists and challenges that make it stand out, and make it a lot more difficult.

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War of Omens

You will choose your faction and head to war in War of Omens. Your faction will have a unique look and style, and you will use that to your advantage with strategies. Build your deck, improve through numerous battles, and play against other factions as a way to make yours come out the victor.

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 Booster packs have a chance of more than one rare per pack.

Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Whether you played World of Warcraft or not, Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft is worth the time to check it out. It is based in the same universe as World of Warcraft, but it is a trading card game instead of an MMORPG. This gives you a new way to experience this large and detailed world.

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 Adding Connections to a deck improve its performance in several ways.


The battles and excitement and strategies possible in Coraabia are only part of what make it so great. Along with them, you also have a large and detailed story. The story is what will draw you in, make you want to continue playing, and make you love the experience that you have here.

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 Booster packs

Fantasy Rivals

Use your mind and your cards to your advantage in Fantasy Rivals. It is a beautiful game with plenty to do, and one huge feature: Betting. Betting is a major aspect of the game, even adding a bit of psychological warfare to it. You will have to use your wits like never before if you want to win.

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 Opening Order alignment card boosters

Battle for Gea

Battle for Gea is more like a battlefield. Unlike other trading card games, you will have your main individual cards as well as your units. These make up your army. You will head into the battlefield with your army to destroy the opponent. It is far more difficult than you might imagine.

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 Deck building

Summoner’s Legion

With a blacksmith, an alchemist, dungeons, and more, Summoner’s Legion really does set itself apart. It is a new type of game that will keep you entertained from the start. There is always something for you to do, whether you want to train or improve the quality and power of your deck.

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 Playing a card

Infinity Wars

With features like puzzle challenges, Infinity Wars does make a name for itself. It gives you a lot of the basics that you want in a trading card game, of course, but is also succeeds in giving you a brand new experience. It will have you falling in love with trading card games all over again.

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 Inspire example

HEX: Shards of Fate

Similar to MTG, HEX: Shards of Fate succeeds in giving you a real trading card game with its own spin on things. Since the developer was behind a hugely popular World of Warcraft TCG, you can expect great things here. It is exciting and interesting with new monsters and options.

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Legends of Norrath

Legends of Norrath is what you imagine a trading and battling card game should be. It offers deck building, it has intense battles, and there is always something new for you to do. With continuous growth over the years, it does not stop offering more to its many players.

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