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Here is a list of games that are similar to Conquest of Champions.

Rise of Mythos14

Rise of Mythos

Build your deck and rise above the competition in Rise of Mythos. You will have to work on creating a monstrous deck, capable of taking on anyone, if you want to defeat all of the AIs that stand in your way and if you want to begin winning as many rewards as possible.

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Scrolls offers many of the experiences you expect of any trading card game, but with a board and a few options that keep it feeling fresh. You have deck building, monsters, computers, and various types of cards, of course, as well as options for battle that you typically do not see in your average TCG.

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Avillum is a browser based trading card game. You will have heroes and monsters, you will battle others, and you will build yourself up. You have to have a good set for battle, you have to develop an effective strategy, and you have to work towards becoming the best that there is.

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 Cast & Conquer12

Cast & Conquer

Cast & Conquer is full of options. Upgrade your city, collect cards, level up, and keep improving. There is a long list of features and options to keep this game entertaining. As you play, you will grow and turn both yourself and your city into the best they can be.

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Heroes of the Realm

Heroes of the Realm is a trading card game that follows a lot of what you expect out of this genre. Collect your cards, build a deck, battle opponents in turn based strategy, and push yourself to become the best. It is a challenging game that keeps the genre feeling fresh and exciting.

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Cards and Castles

Summon and build in Cards and Castles. You will have to bring units and structures to the battlefield in order to take down the opponent’s castle. You win when you destroy the castle before they can destroy your own. This means you have to defend and attack the enemy quickly.

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Trouble With Robots

Collect stars, unlock cards, and play through the single player campaign in Trouble With Robots. Along with intense and massive battles that take place on a rather small battlefield, you will also have a hilarious and engaging story that keeps everything tied together. It is action and comedy rolled into one title.

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In the steampunk style world of AErena, you will have your monsters fight on an area in the sky. You will have to take to the skies, build up your team, move strategically on the board, and take out opponents. It changes the way you normally play card battling games, making you try a little harder.

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 Multiplayer parties

Card Hunter

Like many, you know about Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering. These are two major titles with huge followings. Card Hunter successfully blends the two into one beautiful game. You have a board and you have your cards, and you will battle them while moving across the board strategically.

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 Kings and Legends9

Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends is all about building a strong deck and tearing down the opponents that stand in your way. This will take time and energy, and it requires a lot of strategy. With the huge selection of varied cards, though, you can build a deck and strategy that work with you perfectly.

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Collect cards and explore the world in Eminence. Card collecting and battling are, of course, main aspects of the game. You have to take action to take out the opponents. Exploration, though, is another feature that adds a level of beauty and entertainment that you rarely find in trading card games.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Like most people, you have heard of World of Warcraft. You may have even played it yourself. Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft is based in the same universe, but is a trading card and card battling game instead. You will get your cards, battle, and enjoy the backdrop and universe every moment of the game.

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War of Omens

You will choose your faction and head to war when you play War of Omens. There are several factions available, all with their unique appearances and cards, so it is easy to fit it into your strategy. Build up your deck, work towards taking out other factions, and become more powerful.

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 Duel of Champions9

Duel of Champions

If you have ever played a Might and Magic game, you know how good their titles are. Duel of Champions is no different. It is another popular title that gives you everything you expect in a trading card game. Beautiful art, great battles, and a lot of features make it stand out.

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 Dungeon raid

Summoner’s Legion

For anyone looking to spice up their trading card game experiences, Summoner’s Legion is the game to play. It gives you cards, guilds, dungeons, and much, much more. It offers everything you want in a TCG along with everything you never knew you could have, and it does so wonderfully well.

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