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Cards and loot and battles, and far more than you could ever imagine. Avillum certainly does have it all, making it able to get to your inner child and make you want to play for hours on end. Collect your cards, develop your strategies, and take down all who oppose you and your power.

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Kings and Legends

For those of you who love Magic The Gathering but dislike the cost attached to it, you have to start playing Kings and Legends. It has a very similar layout, but it is still able to show off its own unique twists and appeal that make it exciting. Best of all, there is no need to pay to play!

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 Orions Legend Of Wizards1

Orions Legends of Wizards

Building and collecting resources is great, sure, but Orions Legends of Wizards takes it a step further. Along with the basic mobile game activities, you also have card battling and powers that are similar to MTG type games. Go to war while experiencing the same mobile stuff that you love.

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Immortalis is a massive and exciting card battling game that features deck building, intense battling, and a lot of what you expect out of these types of games. You can go into battle, earn more cards, and see yourself grow into the type of opponent that no one wants to face. Become fearsome and powerful.

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Heroes of the Realm

In Heroes of the Realm, you have to protect the realm using the best cards that you can collect. Become powerful, develop strategies, and enjoy yourself as you take on some immense enemies and push your way through the game. The better that you become, the more entertaining it will be.

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Kaijudo Online

Kaijudo Online is from the same people who gave us Magic The Gathering. With such a big name attached to this game, you may have some big expectations. It looks great and offers one exceptional experience for card battlers of all types.

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 Rise of Mythos11

Rise of Mythos

Rise of Mythos challenges you to build a fearsome deck, take down opponent after opponent, and create strategies and plans that can blow throw the enemy defenses. It is no easy task to do it all, but it is something that you can enjoy and that you will love immensely from the first.

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 Star Wars12

Star Wars: Force Collection

You have not truly experienced Star Wars until you have played Star Wars: Force Collection. This game gives you the chance to enter this universe with collectable cards, which you can battle and collect as you explore more of why you love the Star Wars universe so much.

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There are plenty of aspects of Fantasica that make it stand out and that make it so wonderful. You have battles, collecting cards, tower defense, and much more, all working together to give you the type of experience that you crave with these games and that you want more often.

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Meet up with friends and build the perfect deck in Eredan. This game is going to give you the chance to experience card battling like never before, and all while keeping the same excitement that you love. Battle, progress, and see what your friends can do in this massive online game.

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Build up a team and see just how good you are by playing Scrolls. This game offers challenges and twists, battles and card building, along with so much more. It is everything you want and you expect out of these types of games while staying exciting and entertaining as you continue to play.

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 Jolly Grim6


If you love wonderful art, mythical monsters, fairytales, and battles, JollyGrim is the game for you. It offers excitement in a new package. Whether you are new to these types of games or you have played them before, this is going to offer an experience unlike anything you have ever had before.

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Magnus Ignis

With the worlds merged, it is your duty as King to lead. You have to prepare yourself for battle using some of history’s most incredible heroes. Magnus Ignis never lacks in wonder and amazement, from the cards that you are using to the intensity of the battles, and you are going to stay hooked to it.

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Towers: Archmage war

Maintain a tower, mine, manage your cards, and go to battle in Towers: Archmage war. You have to keep everything at balance in order to win, and you have to be ready for whatever happens. With so much multitasking to do, it is certainly going to be a challenge for you.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Like most people, you have probably played WoW at some point. If so, or even if you like the game in general, then Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft is what you should be playing. It is the WoW TCG in a new form, giving you everything you love with a lot less hassle.

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