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Here is a list of games that are similar to Deck Heroes. Most, if not all of these games are available on multiple platforms. This list is by no means exhaustive and there are plenty of other titles out there that will scratch that Deck Heroes itch for you, but we hope this list will at least go some way to helping you find more of what you love!


Solforge uses the lane combat system as found in Deck Heroes. In many ways, Solforge contains the Deck Heroes concept of attacking in lanes but pushes it more towards traditional TCG/CCG gameplay, with fully constructed decks, booster packs, set releases and sealed/limited play. It’s a more strategic and less casual evolution of the idea.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone shares a few similarities and gameplay features with Deck Heroes. Furthermore, it could be argued that the Deck Heroes art style is an Asian attempt at emulating the Hearthstone art style, with an Eastern twist. If you enjoy Deck Heroes and have never played Hearthstone before, you’re in for a real treat!

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Order & Chaos Duels

Order & Chaos Duels is a great CCG that is set within the Order & Chaos universe. It features lane combat mixed with fantasy art and a battle system that is relatively similar to Deck Heroes. That doesn’t stop Order & Chaos being a great game in its own right though, and one that you should check out!

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Moonga is a digital CCG with a range of tactics and strategies as well as psychological bluffing through buffing cards with a set amount of energy at the start of the turn. The gameplay is different, but if you’re looking for a step up from Deck Heroes to something more strategic but with a very similar theme and art style, this is your next stop!

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Bloodrealm: Battlegrounds

Bloodrealm: Battlegrounds shares a near-identical combat system with Deck Heroes. You must challenge the gods directly, attempting to destroy them. The artwork is amazing and the gameplay is decent enough to warrant a play if you’re really looking for more lane combat action, Deck Heroes style!

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Titans shares the lower card quantity for decks, like Deck Heroes. The gameplay may be some distance apart, but nevertheless you’ll see a focus on the same exciting, casual style of play, but instead your cards can attack the targets you choose. Leveling up the cards plays a major part in this game too, just like in Deck Heroes.

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Shadow Era

Shadow Era emulates many games and delivers a package that’s entertaining and deeper in strategy than you’d imagine. The core of the game shares related battle mechanics and effects to those of Deck Heroes, with a similar fantasy theme that runs through both of these titles. It’s certainly worth playing if you like Deck Heroes.

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Forgotten Myths

Although not quite as bright and colorful as Deck Heroes, Forgotten Myths has a very distinct fantasy theme. The game even shares the same lane combat system. This game aims for more of a Magic: The Gathering feel with it’s field layout and deck construction, however.

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Fantasy Rivals

If you like questing and leveling up beautifully detailed cards, then Fantasy Rivals will suit you. It shares these and other features with Deck Heroes. Though the combat may be worlds apart, the theme and the way of increasing the power of your decks are not. This game will suit most people, if not all who love Deck Heroes.

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World War II: TCG

You may find it strange that a game themed on World War II would have a similar play style to that of Deck Heroes. Units in this game attack what is directly in front of them, and sometimes can use abilities on any unit. World War II: TCG is definitely a must if you want similar gameplay, but a different theme. Try it out!

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Monster Battles: TCG

Don’t let these cute little critters fool you into thinking that this game is just for kids. You monsters attack what is directly in front of them, the same combat system as in Deck Heroes. This is one title that I really do enjoy playing and is a lot of fun once you get past the cuteness of it all! Go check out Monster Battles: TCG now!

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Guardian Cross

Guardian Cross contains some of the best artwork ever seen in a digital CCG. In fact, it comes close to rivaling that of Deck Heroes. Battle is automatic, and your Guardians go all out against the opponent. You can see why this game should appeal to any Deck Heroes fans out there, as it’s similar in many ways with card leveling and questing.

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Armies of Riddle

Armies of Riddle is a uniquely stylized game that tries to bring 3D to the usual 2D art of fantasy worlds. There are many familiar combat systems and features in this title. However, the addition of dice to determine the outcome of a battle is a different and unusual approach, but there isn’t much that’s usual about this game!

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Card Lords

Imagine a game that is aimed at kids, but wants to have the same features of a game that’s tailored for adults. When you do, you come up with Card Lords. This is an entry-level game in a similar vein to Deck Heroes. Combat and leveling up are the two more notable similarities.

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Marvel War of Heroes

Marvel brought out the big guns with this title. Whilst is doesn’t share a similar aesthetic, it does share a few other features, such as being able to level up your characters by sacrificing weaker and smaller units. I never thought I’d see the day where I could “feed” Spider-man to Wolverine!

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For more games like Deck Heroes, check out the Fantasy and Anime categories where you’ll find lots of related games using a similar theme, art style and gameplay mechanics!

Know of any other games similar to Deck Heroes but not listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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