Games Like Duel of Champions

Here is a list of games that are similar to Duel of Champions.

Shadow Era4

Shadow Era

Using intensive strategies you are going to battle enemies  until you win that battle or you die. “Shadow Era” is such a complicated TCG in order to fully understand it you will have to be at it for a while. The complexity is bound to happen with so many different cards available for you to mix and match.

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 Magic the Gathering2

Duels of the Planeswalkers

You are sure to strengthen your deck with more than 250 cards throughout  the TCG of “Duels of the Planeswalkers”. Awaiting to battle you are four of the deadliest opponents around, one of those is Chandra Nalaar. You are going to need the strongest and most powerful cards in your deck, and prepare for these battles.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

In “Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft” you will draw cards from your own hand, having i Mana. After that, any of your cards that you can mix and match with Mana can be used for that turn. Your Mana pool will grow I point at a time., taking more of them.

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“Solforge” like any other TCG you encounter has a support desk. Any time you need help or find yourself in doubt and have questions, please contact us. When you do, our support desk representatives will gladly get you back on track of things. Here at “Solforge” we want you to enjoy all of the possibilities in this TCG.

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When you are in “Hex”: Shards of Fate, effects can be modified with your cards, in different modes from gem sockets. You  have 20 different types of gems available throughout this TCG. There are some cards you will be able to unlock and be able to use as well. Each card has an experience bar that will upgrade when full.

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 War 11

War of Omens

tutorial to get you going on the right track. The three factions of this TCG are; the Daramek, Vespitole, and Metris. Each providing you the ability to use unique strategies. Once started, these differences will be apparent. Taking your abilities, interests, and strategies into consideration, you will choose your faction.

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This TCG is found online, it’s absolutely free to join, and enjoy. Your role will be to recruit, and command other characters in the heat of battle. This will be done in the world of Asteras. Having over 400 characters and support cards gives you ample ability to mix and match  for the best hand possible.

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Legends of Norrath

Inside the TCG of the “Legends of Norrath” you will find two different sets of Legends, one is named Oathbound and the other Neutral. You are allowed to choose two avatars. The avatars are either called Travelers or they are called Ethernauts. After you have chosen your role, decide how to create your deck.

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Battles using TCG cards is what “Faeria” is all about. You will have to have your cards set up in a strategic matter. You are going to find that the appearance of this TCG is not set up exactly like others, but, you will battle the same as in the others.

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 Forgotten Myths10

Forgotten Myths

This is a fast paced TCG and can be completed rather quickly, it takes approximately 8-9 minutes to complete. There are three choices to choose your starter deck from, and after developing your deck you can start with 20 life points. Representing attack zones are: cavalry, archers, dragons, and griffins, and others.

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Warning you a head of time that the TCG “Nightbanes” is highly addictive. I this is your first time, you are going to be amazed how easy it is to fall in love with this TCG. It’s remarkable how the creatures and special cards show in detail what their effects are.

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Any of these devices will allow you to download the TCG “Rolplay”, they are: your current browser, Androids, iOS/Apple Mobile, and Kindle Fire. There are some new features: Clan, Guild, and Kingdom systems. You can gain the new and improved legendary cards as you destroy villages and take control over fortresses.

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Fantasy Cards RT

“Fantasy Cards RT” is the first real time online TCG. You do not have to even download this TCG, and it is free to play. You have the opportunity in this TCG to build your own decks of cards, this lets you pick and choose, mix and match whatever you want.

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Berserk: the Cataclysm

Using your skills and intelligence is going to be a necessity  to conquer, and bring down your enemies. as there are going to be dark monsters under you and other dangers all around you. Once you have beaten your enemies you can then take their resources. This is where you have to be careful, if you want to succeed.

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Astral Towers4

Astral Towers

Would you like to be able to summons creatures, erect buildings, make enchantments, and cast spells so that you can defeat your enemies? Here on “Astral Towers” you can do just that. During a duel, you will receive five magical elements, they are: Fire, ice, Nature, Death, and also Craft.

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