Games Like Duels of the Planeswalkers

Here is a list of games that are similar to Duels of the Planeswalkers.

Duel of Champions12

Duel of Champions

Ready for an epic adventure that can be downloaded for free, filled with spells, valuable items, creatures and more? Duel of Champions brings you all that and more with hundreds of cards to collect from! Pick your champion, create your deck and begin your adventure. Magic schools will help you increase strength!

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 Shadow Era6

Shadow Era

A TCG that offers a fun enviroment with easy to learn gameplay mechanics. Begin with choosing your hero card, each hero card will show it’s health (hitpoints) and it’s different skills and abilities that you can play during battle. Each hero has a type of ability card it can play. If your hero is a wizard, the majority of your deck would be magic based.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

If you like the artwork from World of Warcraft, you will love Hearthstone. This is a turn based TCG that was developed with the concept of WoW, but in TCG form. You choose your cards, build your deck, and take your minions, spells and cards of defense into battle for one on one excitement.

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Strategy junkies will love wrapping their minds around this TCG as they can take it with them on mobile device. Card collectors will enjoy the trading card dynamics and artwork. No matter what your preference within a trading card setting is, Solforge will provide you and your friends a fun playing environment.

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An entertaining, fun to play TCG that would make any collecting addicted impressed. With over 400 different characters cards, and support cards available for you to use, choosing the best for your deck will be important. Overall there are 5 different fractions, create and build up your team, and win if you can!

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If you are trying to find a new TCG that has cool graphic art, a fun environment and dynamic gameplay then you described Faeria. Strategic playing is key to winning the battles against your opponents, as the dynamics require you to plan ahead. The artwork will keep things interesting as every card is very detailed.

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Hex offers dynamic gameplay settings with a mix of Massive Multiplayer Online and Trading Card Game, think MMORPG with a trading card theme! Bring your friends, meet new friends, or turn friends into enemies when you conquer them in battle with your mighty deck of resources, do you have what it takes to become a champion?

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 War 9

War of Omens

Focusing on the battles through the use of cards is what the “War of Omens” is all about. It is a TCG that also battles others. You will be building up your decks so they will be strong and powerful in battle. The cards all have different powers, and some even have special effects to them for your use.

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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

In “Battlegrounds of Eldhelm” you are going to find a great system of random cards and card sets. You will take these and match your character. Since this is going to be a random thing, building your deck is almost obsolete which will force you to count on chance. But, you will learn quickly.

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 Kingdoms CCG9

Kingdoms CCG

There are many different card types in “Kingdoms CCG. You have; Creature-Preset life value and special abilities. Spell-used for various things. Gear-added ability and effects. Rune Words-alter the environment. You may also earn other cards by winning battles, or purchase them. No certain amount of cards you need, however, there is a limit on how many you can use.

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Confrontation Web Card Game

“Confrontation Web Card Game” is based on a Facebook TCG being similar to the TCG Clash. You will be building a strong deck of card heroes and taking them into battle. All the hard work you put into the training and battling is what is going to make you the tribes future leader.

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Phantom Chronicle

In the “Phantom Chronicle” you will have the opportunity to gather all the things you previously collected from quests, and mix and match with your phantoms increasing their levels and making them stronger. This is something you want to carefully do, it is very important to your success. All of this will be done when you’re not in battle.

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 Nightbanes 10


The good thing about this TCG is ; you do not have to start out having a lot of experience in order to figure it out. In this way it helps you to come up with good strategies, and quickly. Also giving you time to decide what special effect card to use during a play.

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 Forgotten Myths9

Forgotten Myths

Each of the six slots for the attack zone cards has a corresponding slot for the opponents side. Slots will resolve from left to right one at a time. Remember to decide wisely which slot you put your attack card in. And the cards on the opponents side can create damage continuously.

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Blood Realm

This TCG is going to be very helpful, as the tutorial will teach you how to get started as well as provide you with an over view of how battling work. For those of you who are new to “Blood Realm” You are going to find this tutorial very helpful.

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