Games Like Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Here is a list of games that are similar to Earthcore: Shattered Elements.

My Hero exploding everywhere after a defeat.

Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Whether you loved World of Warcraft or not, or never even played it, Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft should interest you. It is set in the same universe with many of the creatures and characters you already know. Play with them in a brand new way that makes you see this universe in a new light.

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War of Omens

Choose a faction and head to war with War of Omens. Factions are all different and have their own unique cards so choose wisely. Once you head into war, you have to use strategies and power to your advantage. This requires everything that you have if you want to come out of this the winner.

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 Choosing a card to play

Fantasy Rivals

Playing Fantasy Rivals is not like playing most other trading card games. Instead of playing with cards and relying solely on combat to win, you will play with the mind a bit. Psychological warfare comes into play here. You will have to bet and mess with their minds if you want to take them out.

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 Combat resolution

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Play a mix of trading card game and role playing game in Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. It gives you everything you know and love about a TCG, but it also has some RPG features thrown into it. This includes levels and skills that you can apply to your character, improving your strength.

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Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG gives you everything that you normally love to have in a trading card game, as well as so much more. It offers a deep strategy and numerous features, all with great art and intense battles to make it more interesting and more exciting. It is a beautiful experience from the start.

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 Battle screen

Battle for Gea

You have two main cards and some units helping you in Battle for Gea. Its battle layout and the way you have to win are completely different from what you normally see. This game is truly a marvel, something that you will not see come around often. Here, you have to build new strategies if you want to win.

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Dungeon raid

Summoner’s Legion

Everything will feel a bit new when you play Summoner’s Legion. It is like many other trading card games, of course, but it has some more features to it, such as a dungeon. It is a full game with a lot to do, keeping you busy and keeping the game a lot more interesting than most others are.

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 Opened booster


Numerous modes, a new battle style, a lot of cards, and options after options all make Battlecraft one of the best games you will play. It is exactly like a trading card game, but it feels like more. It feels like a trading card game mixed in with an MMORPG, and it is a great package.

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 Match in progress

Astral Towers

Your mission in Astral Towers is to build up your tower. You will want to make sure that it is stronger and you will want to take out any enemies. It is a difficult battle, especially with so many dangers around you. In single player mode, you also have the chance to go through a story.

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 Campaign story

Infinity Wars

One of the reasons that Infinity Wars is so popular is how much there is to it. Unlike most other games, it is not so simple and bare. It has a lot of options and features that help to make it stand out from the competition. This makes the strategies and experiences feel new, feel completely fresh.

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Shadow Era

You will play to win in Shadow Era. You want to win not only the battles, but also a top ranking on the leaderboard. Become the best and show off your strength. With its similarities to Magic the Gathering, you can do this while building familiar strategies and working with mechanics you know.

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Legends of Norrath

For fans of EverQuest, Legends of Norrath will have everything you love and miss. It is set in the same universe so you will have similar experience, just with trading cards instead. The game itself is rather unique and has some twists that make the path to victory a bit more complex.

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 Match starting

HEX: Shards of Fate

The developers of HEX: Shards of Fate made the previous World of Warcraft trading card game and continue their success here. It is similar to Magic the Gathering and their previous work, but it does well to separate itself. It is hugely popular because of how exciting and challenging it is.

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Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

To win in Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards, you need to consider your strategy in two parts. You have to look at the cards you have and your combat, of course, as well as the placement of your cards. Use the tiles wisely so that your path to victory is assured.

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Play Solforge on mobile or online. Either way, it is a lot of fun and it offers what you expect of a trading card game. It has great art, full strategies are possible in it, and it has plenty for you to do. It is everything that you want in your basic trading card game, and it is fun along the way.

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