Games Like Elemental Kingdoms

Here is a list of games that are similar to Elemental Kingdoms.


Forgotten Myths

Playing Forgotten Myths is similar to playing other tactical lane combat trading card games. It has various features and mechanics that you already understand, but there are some major differences. One of them is its difficulty. It ups the challenge to make you work hard, think faster, and make smarter moves.

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Spellcraft: Descent Into Chaos

Elements, kingdoms, single player mode, and PvP are all in Spellcraft: Descent Into Chaos. On top of these, you have so much more. This is a game full of options and features to make your traditional lane combat game a bit more exciting, more challenging, and more fun all around.

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 Deck editing screen

BloodRealm Battlegrounds

Trading card games come and go all the time, and they usually feel about the same. BloodRealm Battlegrounds manages to set itself apart, however. One of the main ways that it does this is through its story, which has you fighting gods using powerful spells and troops. It is a new experience.

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Fantasy Rivals

Playing your average trading card game is fun and all, but they all feel about the same. That is not the case with Fantasy Rivals. It uses both combat and psychological warfare to add a new challenge and a new level of difficulty. You have to use your power and your wits if you plan to survive for very long.

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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

You will play Battlegrounds of Eldhelm like most other trading card games. In many ways, it is similar to what you already know and love. The difference here is the RPG element of it. You have a character that you will level up and that will come with its own skills, helping you to improve.

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 Elemental Starter Pack

Kingdoms CCG

When it comes to strategy and battle, few games can match Kingdoms CCG. It is a full collectible card game with features and options to give you a lot to do. You can do everything from building a deck to using hero abilities. There is no stopping you or your mind when you play this game.

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Order & Chaos Duels

A lot of people have played the Order & Chaos game at some point. If you were one of them, Order & Chaos Duels is the next game you should play. It is in the same universe with everything you loved from the original, just set as a trading card game instead. New experiences and new challenges await.

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 Vess game

Shadow Era

Fans of classic trading card games like Magic the Gathering will enjoy playing Shadow Era. It offers up a similar experience, but with a fresh take. You have the basics and the overall experience that you already know, just with options and features that build on it and make it much better.

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Astral Towers

As a mage, you have power in Astral Towers. You will use your power to summon, use elements, and build your tower. Play against other mages and try to win. It is no easy task and, with its unique approach and story, it will offer up this challenge in a highly entertaining package.

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Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Earthcore: Shattered Elements is all about elements. You have to play cards based in elements and you have to heavily consider these elements when playing. It is similar to other trading card games, but its approach and the power are quite different from the usual titles. Overall, it is a fun challenge.

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Strength in trading card games is usually all about the cards themselves. Moonga has a different take on matters, however. Along with the cards, you will bet. This adds psychological warfare to the game and allows you to outsmart or trick your opponent, getting them to play right into your hands.

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 You can now build decks entirely from scratch, a much-demanded feature.

Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers

Duels of the Planeswalkers – Fans of the hugely successful Magic the Gathering probably know Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers by now. If not, it is a Magic the Gathering online trading card game. You can collect powerful cards and fight against foes, even going through a single player campaign mode to unlock a full story on your own.

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 Building decks is fast and simple, with well organized tabs.

Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has gained huge success all over the globe. This is why it has gone on to create so much more, including Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft. This is a trading card game in the same universe, giving you the characters and creatures you know in a brand new package.

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Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

Strategy in Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards is a bit different from how it is in other games. Along with combat based strategy, you also have to think about your position on the field. You have to choose the right spots so that you have the highest chance of success in this game.

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 Overkill WoW TCG5

Overkill WoW TCG

Fans of the World of Warcraft trading card game will want to use Overkill WoW TCG. It is not a trading card game itself, but it is a good tool. With it, you can build decks and strategize using the available database. It is easy to use and can make your games much more effective.

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