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Spectromancer is a mix of beautiful art and magical wonder that everyone loves in these types of games. Get your deck ready, prepare your strategies, and put everything you have into taking down your enemies with some of the most amazing magical powers you will ever see, and all while making new creatures and learning spells along the way.

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Rise of Mythos

Take a journey into Rise of Mythos. This game offers incredible skills, looks, and situations that you cannot find elsewhere, at least not in as exciting a package as this. This game has it all, and it is something that anyone can get started playing in no time at all, allowing you to throw yourself a magnificent world right away.

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 Astral Towers12

Astral Towers

Build and summon, and use magical forces that will blow you away, and all while having fun. Astral Towers is the perfect game for people who want more than the simple and more than the boring. You have the type of experience that keeps you pushing forward, no matter hard it seems at times.

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With beautiful art and some incredible beasts, Solforge succeeds in amazing you from the start. This games offers a constant flow of beauty and excitement that anyone, whether you are a long time fan of these or just getting started, will adore. Grab your deck and see just why so many others are playing.

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Ederon is certainly one of the best trading card games out there today. It offers a style that feels like old adventure games while still keeping the type of playing experience that you expect from a TCG. It is going to wow you and keep you in love every step of the way, and you are going to want to do your best.

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Play on your own or with friends in the massive online world of Hex. This game is completely free and completely fun, and it is the type of game that is going to leave you hooked. Whether you are playing for the action or you are in it to trade, improve, and make friends, you are going to come away happy.

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Orbs CCG

Master the cards, build a phenomenal deck, and destroy your opponents in Orbs CCG. This game does not stop being exciting at any point, and it is going to motivate you to build and improve continuously. Collect all cards, learn their differences, and use them in battle with all of the skills you have.

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Rolplay is perfect for all types of people. Whether you are loyal to the genre and have been for years or you are looking for something new to play that is easy to get into, this is going to appeal to you. Anyone can start playing and start making the most out of what you have here, even if this is your first time playing.

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 Shadow Era10

Shadow Era

Plenty of cards and a dedication to good strategy is what makes Shadow Era great. You are going to have to build the perfect deck and strategy if you want to win, a task that is far greater than you might think. It takes time, effort, and patience to learn your way around the game and become the best.

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