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Get ready to become addicted to a great TCG. Scrolls will have you building a custom deck of warriors, developing awesome tactics, and playing with a lot of confidence. You can fight other people in the world or you can take a chance and battle an AI opponent for awesome rewards.

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 Kings and Legends12

Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends is an energizing card-based MMORPG that sets you against the evil powers. Assemble a deck with different creatures and legends, use their energy to fight off the invasions of your lands. Equip your heroes with an assortment of items, and work your way through the convincing storyline, or bounce into an the arena to battle other players.

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 Culdcept Saga

Culdcept Saga

Get ready to enter a monopoly like universe where you are going to be battling the evilest and deadliest creatures in the realm. Culdcept Saga will have you tactically moving across the board as you take down your nastiest enemies. You can earn cool cards, rewards, and so much more.

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Rise of Mythos

A brand new twist has been added to a great TCG. Rise of Mythos has added a multiplayer feature. That means you can play with friends or other people from around the globe. Create your best battle deck and begin your journey to becoming a great hero known throughout the land.

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Heroes of the Realm

How would you like to play an in-broswer TCG that gave you more options that you normally have? Heroes of the Realm is a one of a kind type of entertainment that you will have to create a very powerful deck and defeat monsters and even other people in the world.

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 Card Hunter12

Card Hunter

Card Hunter is a great browser based CCG that has a lot of familiar things from Dungeons & Dragons. You will have to create a great deck of cards and play through the complex storyline. Select your heroes and begin the battles with dark and evil creatures. You can even collect weapons and armor.

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You can now battle your friends and even people around the globe in this great browser TCG. Faeria is a one of a kind type of entertainment that will have you creating a powerful deck of cards and battling the darkest and deadliest creatures of magic. This is a place of endless possibilities.

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Star Wars: Force Collection

Star Wars has just went card form. The Force Collection is your chance to experience the power of being a force master. You will be battling your way to victory in this one of a kind TCG. There are over 230 different and unique character cards that can be used to defeat your enemies.

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Towers: Archmage war

Challenge yourself in a great card battle. Archmage War is not just about using spells, defeating monsters, and collecting cards. It is about doing all that plus creating a powerful tower and managing your mine as well as expanding your lands. You will have to carefully decide what to do, so you can advance.

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 Infinity Wars 1

Infinity Wars

Is it even possible for a TCG to get even better than what it already is? Absolutely! Infinity Wars proves this. You can create one of the most powerful decks in the world, admire all the animated art, and rare features that keep you interested in playing. Since it is an easy to follow type of entertainment, anyone can play.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

If you loved World of Warcraft and love card type games, then you need Heroes of Warcraft. This TCG is perfect for anyone to get involved in and play. Since it is all turn based, you are going to be battling in a 1v1 environment. Build your deck and begin your journey.

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Kaijudo Online

Get involved and join Kaijudo Online. Here you are going to enjoy advanced graphics as well as different types of attack phases, like Attack, Manna, and Main. These varied attack phases will help you determine if you are going to be able to advance further in this great and easy to follow TCG.

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Clash of the Dragons

It is time to join a great TCG platform that has you collecting special dragon cards to help you destroy your enemies. Create your very own avatar, you will be able to move freely about the map and you will be given an option to defeat other dragons and monsters.

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Join a medieval realm where you will find it hard to spot who is your friend and who is out to destroy you. Become a leader in a realm of chaos. You must create your very own deck of characters cards and then you can begin your journey to becoming a very powerful warrior.

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Avillum is another online TCG that will have you gripping the edge of your desk. Turn into a chivalrous legend and attempt to destroy dangerous creatures , at the same time gather plunder as you go. This TCG will bring out your competitive side as you fight companions and enemies in much the same way.

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