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Do you love to battle? If so Ederon has everything you want and more. Play as a Assassin, Hunter, Gladiator, Paladin, Monk, Wizard, Knight or Sorcerer. What ever you choose, you will have your own spells, weapons, weaknesses and strategies. As you advance you will get more weapons, spells, and you will level up.

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Hex is a better MMOTCG that is free to download and free to play. Each feature is interesting and unique, as well as having options to socket or transform your cards. You can either play against other opponents or play by yourself. The chat option allows you to make friends from around the globe.

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 Magic the Gathering9

Duels of the Planeswalkers

Battle your way through Zendikar and Ravnica in Duels of the Planeswalkers. A new type of TCG that gives you more than you bargain for. Challenge other players around the world to a duel and see how well you and others do in PvP combat. Become strong with every battle won.

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 Infinity Wars5

Infinity Wars

Change the way you play TCG’s. Play with new and imaginative  decks in Inifinity Wars.You will recognize that its not difficult to play and will snatch your enthusiasm all throughout the game. Test yourself on the combat zone to turn into a victor. Fight your rival, destroy them, and push ahead in your adventure.

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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Challenge your friends, take on leaderboard challenges or duel with players around the globe in Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. Play for high scores or just play for fun, the choice is completely up to you. Take on challenging daily quests to gain experience and try to become the next ruler of Eldhelm.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Battle destructive adversaries in Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft. This advance TCG will take everything you love about World of Warcraft and put it in a trading card game. Take on strong opponents, either AI or other players as you battle your way through the game. Have a good strategy and you will win.

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 Pokemon 8

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Everyone’s favorite trading card game has gone virtual. Pokemon Trading Card Game is now online and better than ever. Give yourself a chance to catch all 200 cards from the original Pokemon set. Win as much as possible and receive cards. Enter Pop mode and have a chance to win rare cards.

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Solforge is an intriguing new TCG that has more amazing features than most games. You have the chance to play in tournaments against other players or AI opponents. You always have the chance to buy and sell things in the auction house, create items in the crafting area, and you have the option to buy back cards you have lost.

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 Shadow Era8

Shadow Era

Play as a hero in Shadow Era. You pick out a hero card that you like the best. Each hero card has different skills, hit points, and abilities. Battle AI adversaries or against your friends. You will be given a chance to climb the ranks on the leader board and become number one. Use advanced strategies to destroy your enemies.

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Josh started playing TCGs in second grade and collected Pokemon cards. He even went on a few tournaments and took a 5th place in European Pokemon championship. Later on he became obsessed with trading card games online. Josh believes there is always a way to win - by carefully planning ahead and predicting opponent's moves.

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