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Here is a list of games that are similar to Faeria.


Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

A new turn based strategy game created by Blizzard will have you addicted. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is great , especially if you love trading card games and world of warcraft. You will encounter many of the same creatures as in the famed PC game. Collect and battle your cards against evil.

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 Kingdoms CCG8

Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG is a collectable card game that allows you to collect cards and battle in a great environment. Build the strongest battle deck, upgrade the abilities of your heroes, and fight other players in a PvP arena. Travel through the world and take on tournaments and daily quests to earn cards and experience.

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Build a great deck of cards and select your champion in Hex. This trading card game is free to play or download. Earn equipment, experience, cards, and more. Play against other players or play by yourself. Enjoy the unique features that has been placed in the game, such as transformation and socketing of cards.

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 Astral Towers8

Astral Towers

Astral Towers is a virtual online trading card game that you can summon unique creatures, build buildings, create and cast spells that will help you defeat your foes. Use five different elements to battle with. Use Craft, Nature, Death, Ice, and Fire to win your battles. Play against real players or AI opponents.

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Become a Chaosmaster, Necromancers, Cleric, Mechanicians, Dominator, or Illusionist in Spectromancer. Use five elements to win your battles. Earth, Fire, Air, Water and you will destroy your foes and become victorious in whatever you put your mind to. Gain experience, skills, and new cards for every  battle you will win.

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 Rise of Mythos13

Rise of Mythos

Become a part of the realm in Rise of Mythos. This multiplayer trading card game is online and you can join in on the fun for free. You will fight the forces of evil and keep Silver Heron Ridge safe. Fight your way to the top of the Ascension Tower and win rare rewards and items.

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Josh started playing TCGs in second grade and collected Pokemon cards. He even went on a few tournaments and took a 5th place in European Pokemon championship. Later on he became obsessed with trading card games online. Josh believes there is always a way to win - by carefully planning ahead and predicting opponent's moves.

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