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Here is a list of games that are similar to Fantasica.


Necronomicon Redux

If you have played all of the strategy card games out there and feel that none of them offer something different, you have to play Necronomicon Redux. It is a single player only game that will provide plenty of challenges, a fresh new experience, and numerous features you have never seen before.

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Cards and Castles

Your main goal in Cards and Castles is to protect your castle and to destroy the castle of your enemy. To do this, you will build structures and bring fighters to the field. Together, they will help you to protect your own castle while simultaneously destroying the enemy’s castle, fighters, and buildings.

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Mabinogi Duel

You are on a mission to the Holy Land in Mabinogi Duel. Your mission is simple: Purify the half-elf in you. You want to go back to the full human you once were and this is the only way to do it. This means that you have to fight using your cards’ power and your wits so that you can make it to your destination.

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Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles

Use your cards in Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles to raid the castles of others and to protect your own castle. You will have a variety of cards types, and they will all help you to meet your goal. It is hard work, but the payoff is huge once you start raiding more and more castles successfully.

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Anyone with a love for steampunk and trading card games will instantly fall for AErena. It is a steampunk style TCG that mixes with tabletop games a bit. While you will use cards here, you also have a board on which you will play. You will use this board strategically while also playing your cards wisely.

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Urban Rivals

You will have to use a mix of your cards’ power and your mental power if you want to win in Urban Rivals. It does rely on the strength of your cards, of course, as well as psychological warfare. You have to use a mix of the two if you want to tear down your opponents where they stand.

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Immortalis is a game full of options. You have more than you normally do here, and it makes for one amazing experience. This means that your strategies, gameplay, and experience will all evolve, becoming something better than what you normally find with trading card games and something far more exciting.

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 Combat attack

Card City Nights

Story-driven, fun, and hilarious, Card City Nights is a game anyone would love. It is a collectible card game about collectible card games, offering various cards and opponents. It is similar to Yu-Gi-Oh, where you have characters and cards in a world all about these types of battles and this type of game.

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Star Realms

Most trading card games focus on fantasy elements and stories. Star Realms gives you a new type of game, though. Instead of fantasy, it is science fiction. Collect ships, play in a space environment, and work towards having the type of space fleet that no one can defeat no matter what.

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 Forgotten Myths6

Forgotten Myths

With Forgotten Myths, you have many of the mechanics and gameplay you usually enjoy. It is something that most trading card game fans will understand right away. The difference here is that it offers a bigger challenge than most other games, making it perfect for the serious gamers out there.

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Conquest of Champions

In Conquest of Champions, you have a mix of trading card game and tabletop game. You will use cards as you normally do, but you will place them on a tabletop. With this tabletop, you can employ strategies and skills that you normally cannot put to use in other trading card games.

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 Collected cards

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Experience trading card games in a new way with Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. You will have the chance to play as normal, but with a few twists. These twists include character leveling and skill points, which help you to become a better player and help you to gain some immense strength.

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BloodRealm: Battlegrounds

Even the Gods cannot stand up to you in BloodRealm Battlegrounds. You will wage a war on them using your spells and troops, working to bring down the most powerful creatures known to any being. It is a hard task, but it is one that will take you on a wild adventure.

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Trouble With Robots

With its mix of hilarity and intense battles, Trouble With Robots will get any trading card game fan excited. You will have the chance to battle using an army, put together amazing strategies, and have fun thanks to the entertaining and hilarious story that weaves everything together. It is one spectacular experience.

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Fantasy Rivals

Battles in Fantasy Rivals are more intense than they normally are for this genre. Along with fighting using your cards’ powers, you will fight using your mind. You will have to use psychological warfare with betting if you want to take out the opponent and come out of these battles the victor.

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