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Here is a list of games that are similar to Fantasy Cards RT.



In “Elements” you are going to find them similar, however, each card will be different in there elementals. There is also going to be several that are similar in their effects, boosting up your resources is one of their similarities. You are always going to need your resources boosted when you get a chance, for you always use them to battle.

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In the TCG of “Spectromancer” you will be presented with five elements that are magical. They are: Earth, water, air, and fire, the fifth element is made specifically for you. With six types of Mages, the Mechanicians uses the Mage of death. Chaos is what Chaosmasters use; and dominators use control, while Illusionists use illusions.

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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

You are going to find a really neat feature in the TCG of ” Battlegrounds of Eldhelm”, and that is that it allows you to choose your own character, and from humans at that. In two different versions, Orcs or Elves are different characters multiple times. You will be allowed one good character and one bad character in ths TCG.

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This game combines the love of a trading card collector’s dreams and strategies that will help you to win new cards along the way. In the very near future you will be seeing features such as: tournament play, crafting system, card buybacks,  draft mode, auction house, and so many more.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

You must bring your opponents health down to 0 (zero) in order to win this TCG “Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft”, keeping your own character alive, this will be a trick to pull off. You may choose to use cards that will block incoming attacks, it just depends on your style.

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 Kingdoms CCG8

Kingdoms CCG

Booster packs come in the following colors: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Epic, or Legendary, each of these offer you options of different items. Your common cards are Silver or Bronze packs. And your uncommon cards are in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Rare cards will only be in Gold and Epic packs.

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 Astral Towers1

Astral Towers

You can Duel Online against AI and Hot Seat, or you can do Scenario’s. A young member of the Mage Guild is investigating evil guild that has been reported to be happening. The main mode out of three is the story mode, it has been said that it is the most entertaining, and has extended enjoyment.

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 Orbs CCG12

Orbs CCG

When you begin playing “Orbs CCG TCG” you will want to make sure that you understand fully the differences in each card type. There is the regular monsters, the Orbs, which are the cards you are going to be using when attacking. And then there is trap,  object, and action, each do different things.

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 War 12

War of Omens

It is important for you to look at the specifics of each card when you are building your faction specific deck. Card should be able to do certain things, for instants some cards may be direct fighters, and others may have different abilities, or special effects. You will want to be prepare by having well thought out strategies, the knowledge.

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 Magic the Gathering6

Duels of the Planeswalkers

After receiving your starter deck you will be ready for your long journey through a various number of different planes. with more than 250 cards available throughout  the TCG of “Duel of the Planeswalkers” giving you many options to build a strong deck to use in over power your enemies.

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 Shadow Era11

Shadow Era

Remember,  the higher the casting strength of the card you should choose, the more damage it is going to be able to do to your opponent. You are allowed to choose a resource card once per turn. This will allow you to progressively use stronger cards during the process of the game.

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