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Here is a list of games that are similar to Fantasy Rivals.

Urban Rivals8

Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is an extraordinary and unusual TCG that brings neat graphics and great dynamics together to make this a fun adventure for everyone. Kate, your guide will teach you how to play. She’ll also explain how you can become stronger by upgrading your characters by adding or subtracting pills.

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Dengen Chronicles

With impressive artwork, card graphics and easy learning curve, Degen Chronicles can by enjoyed by any age. If you like to follow a storyline, but enjoy collecting cards you will appreciate the combination of RPG, Manga and TCG dynamics. You are also able to customize your hero and deck for a more personal touch!

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Transformed from Japanese, Alteil offers lovely Manga and Anime graphics, a layout that is easy to navigate and gameplay that is simple to learn. You can play in your favorite browser, advance through complex levels that test your strengths and weaknesses. The deck consists of 30 cards, which are laid out during battle.

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Infinity Wars

If you’re looking for a different layout in at TCG, Infinity Wars offers that twist with a fully animated battle experience. In addition to collecting your cards and making your deck stronger, the animated graphics bring them to life on the battlefield! While you are playing, you will begin to see additional twists that make Infinity Wars unique.

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Battle for Gea

Looking for a new TCG, but don’t want a big change in the mechanics? While the mechanics are similar to other TCG’s, Battle for Gea has a more challenging strategy concept. It also offers tournaments, events, a deck of 300, and that’s just your booster deck! More cards are added monthly.

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War of Omens

Well balanced dynamics give War of Omens a more steady gameplay, it’s not fast pace, but not slow. You are right in the center of the grand war, never before seen graphics and fractions who have their own cards. Come up with unique strategies for attacking your enemies and advance through the adventure!

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

This turn based TCG was released by Blizzard, the developers of World of Warcraft, which was the building blocks for Hearthstone. You get to create a deck of minions, magic spells and defense type cards to battle your foes in one-on-one battles. Available for download with easy to learn mechanics.

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An entertaining TCG with dynamic and fast paced tactics, BattleCraft allows you to recruit and lead your characters to the battlefield for a fun experience. With a friendly community, you can meet new people and make new friends while you build a mythical or fantasy based team of assorted creatures.

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If you are tired of losing your best cards, running out of room or simply want to collect without the cost, join Solforge. You can play online or on the go with mobile downloads, collect cards and build your deck up for the ultimate battle. Challenge your friends, join tournaments, and more!

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Legends of Norrath

If you’re looking for a free to play TCG that is challenging, but offers a fun experience, try Legends of Norrath. With a great musical score, you’ll never be bored as you progress through the storyline of good vs evil. Use your decks that consist of 15 to 55 cards to defeat the evil foes!

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Heroes of the Realm

Heroes of the Realm is an in browser TCG that offers a wide variety of heroes for you to choose from, and vast amounts of customization to make your heroes fit your personality. Use your deck of cards is your army, use them to defeat your enemies when on the battlefield to protect those who live in the Realm.

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Gang Domination

Become a king of the criminal society of the underworld in this awesome TCG. Do you have what it takes to become a powerful gang boss, surviving a world of ruthless rivals? Gang Domination features quests, 200+ cards to collect and a great community where you can meet new people.

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Cabals: The Card Game

If you are looking for a flexible TCG that allows you to play among your many devices, Cabals is for you. Compatible with Mac, iPad, iPhone and even Android devices, build your deck and join others in battle. Be careful, because the board location of your cards is very important!

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TCG’s were popular way before they were available online, but it would require you to be in the same room with physical trading cards such as Magic: The Gathering. Now with Faeria you can battle your friends, or make new ones from anywhere in the world! You also save space from storing your physical cards.

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Eredan iTCG brings you a wonderful 2D fantasy world in a Trading Card Game style. Enjoy battling enemies, building up magical decks and obtaining powerful weaponry to use during your epic battles against others. Increase your power, become a leader, bring a stop to all the madness, is that you?

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