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Here is a list of games that are similar to Forgotten Myths.



Playing Eredan brings you into a 2D fantasy world with a TCG layout as it mixes the best of both TCG and MMO! Play with your friends, choose out of many hero options from 10 races, 6 classes and each having their own skills and abilities. Become a leader, if you can and help fight the darkness.

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 Infinity Wars6

Infinity Wars

This downloadable fantasy TCG offers great playable dynamics, and a twist on battles with the deck being fully animated for your enjoyment. Watch as you choose your next move and it’s carried out on the battlefield against your opponents, and as they make their move. Will you come out victorious, will it be an epic battle, join today to find out!

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Socket and transform your cards in this unique multiplayer TCG called Hex! It’s free to play and can be downloaded for easy access. Earn your equipment when playing in a group, or in single mode. Build a deck of 60 cards, take turns throwing your next big move from spell casting to resource cards.

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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm brings you a CCG designed around a RPG concept, invite your friends to join with you to fight your enemies. Not your type of gameplay, maybe you would prefer going at it alone on the multiplayer ladder board. Duel others and see if you can rank among the highest scores.

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 Magic the Gathering11

Duels of the Planeswalkers

With animated playing cards, Duels of the Planeswalkers provides a massive world of card trading, collecting and awesome graphics! You can buy the video game that allows you experience what the MTG is all about. Build a deck, fight dangerous foes, and advance through the storyline against all your friends.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

From the makers of World of Warcraft comes Hearthstone, a PvP trading card game that brings you great graphics, minions, magic and defense cards for you to collect. Begin with picking a character from one of the many classes, the starter deck you get will be based on which class you choose. Hunters will shoot from a distance, a Mage will deal magic damage, etc.

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 Shadow Era3

Shadow Era

In Shadow Era, you choose your cards based on your hero’s class and the cards element and skill sets. Say you have a wizard, you would want to collect cards with magic based skills. You get to draw 6 cards from your deck, but some may not be used until later in the game becaue of the different casting strengths.

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Needing to feed your battle withdraws, Ederon has the answer! Indie developers always risk a new release, however with other TCG’s, Ederon is still holding up against the odds. It offers you a trading card environment with many weird creatures, a RPG style hero and you have 8 classes to choose your hero from!

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 Pokemon 9

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Gotta catch’em all in this Pokemon themed Trading Card Game any true Pokemon fan would love. Begin your adventure with picking a deck from three characters, Charmander for Fire, Squirtle for Water, or Bulbasaur for Plant. Once you have your starter deck, begin working your way through the 8 card clubs to defeat each Pokemon leader.

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