Games Like Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Here is a list of games that are similar to Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft.



Ederon sets you up as your chosen hero, gives you some amazing cards, and forces you to rely on your own strengths and skills. Develop strategies, improve your deck, and take down enemies using everything that you learn. It is a game that is going to have you thinking and working to the very end.

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Powers, mages, and some incredible cards all make Spectromancer the game to play. You are going to have to mix everything perfectly, learn more about all cards in the game, develop strategies, and build one fearsome deck to win, and even then you are going to have challenges thrown at you still.

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With a unique appearance and some great cards, Faeria is a hit right away. As you play, you can see more and more into why so many people love it. The beautiful art, the need to build impressive strategies, and the power that you can create are all incredible and make this game so addictive.

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Thanks to famous Japanese artists, Alteil is able to stand out and become interesting before you even start playing. The game looks wonderful from the moment you lay your eyes on it, and it certainly meets the high expectations you will have. It is fun, challenging, and full of options to keep it interesting.

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 Astral Towers11

Astral Towers

From spells to towers, enchantments to battles, Astral Towers has it all and more. This offers everything that you want in the genre, it keeps you entertained, and it never fails to surprise. From the moment that you start and even well into playing, you are going to find new reasons to love it.

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Hex is a unique and fun take on the card battling games that you love. It keeps the genre feeling new and interesting without sacrificing any of the entertainment that you expect. Challenge yourself, grab the best cards you can find, and take on other players that are trying to do their best, as well.

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Cabals: The Card Game

Cabals: The Card Game changes the way that you play card battling games, and while offering beautiful art and a wonderful design that you are going to love. You have to think more about card placement, strategies, and various other aspects of the game that never occur to you in other games.

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 Shadow Era2

Shadow Era

Complex cards, full strategies, and intense battles will keep you on your toes when playing Shadow Era. You are going to need to think quickly, make the right decisions, and build a deck and strategy that can take down anyone that steps in your way. You have to be good if you want to win.

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Berserk: the Cataclysm

Tower management, fantastic details in the art, intense battles, and the many cards available all work together to make Berserk: the Cataclysm one of the best games available. It is exciting and addictive, making you want to play and play until you have done everything that you can do in this game.

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The wonderful story behind Heroes of the Realm is just part of why this game is so fun to play. Along with progressing through it, you can fight your way through epic battles and put together the type of deck that strikes fear into the hearts of your opponents, even the most powerful of them.

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Elemental Kingdoms

Play and play and play Elemental Kingdoms, and play some more. This game challenges you in new ways, forcing you to approach trading card games with brand new strategies. Build your deck and have fun with it, working to become the top player in the entire game, a task that is certainly not easy.

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Duel of Champions

Whether you are playing alongside friends or you are working to develop your strategies and deck, Duel of Champions is full of entertainment and challenges. You are going to have to think, strategize, and fight your way to the top using the many cards and options available, which are going to seem endless for a while.

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 Fantasy Cards RT

Fantasy Cards RT

Fantasy Cards RT is a community driven, free game that you can make all your own. Customize your deck, develop the most amazing strategies, and get into it. This game is a never ending flood of excitement and challenges that any fan of the genre will appreciate greatly, and will want to continue enjoying for a long time.

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 War 11

War of Omens

Choose your faction and get to war in War of Omens. This game gives you the chance to choose your side, each one with different benefits, and show off your skills. It is difficult for you to master, but the excitement that you have every step of the way makes the work and time worth it.

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 Power Rangers6

Power Rangers Online Card Game

Fans of the Power Rangers show will want to play Power Rangers Online Card Game right away. You have a lot of your favorite characters together in card form, and you can use and battle against them all. Bring back your childhood memories or simply enjoy a good game here.

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