Games Like Heroes of the Realm

Here is a list of games that are similar to Heroes of the Realm.

Rise of Mythos13

Rise of Mythos

Join the CCG that offers a different multiplayer angle that is free to play. Fight against evil, keeping the wonderful Silver Heron Ridge a peaceful place. There are 4 classes, each extremely powerful in a different way. Win all your battles by building the scariest deck and you can win rare items.

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You’re love of card collecting, deck building and strategy development will come out once you experience this highly addicting TCG available for download! With a confident attitude, one can become victorious on the battlefield against both Artificial Intelligence and Humans alike. How far can you advance your team through the storyline?

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 Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends brings you a full fledged action packed TCG that you can play in your favorite browser. Unlike offline TCG’s, you are able to battle against friends, or meet new ones from anywhere in the world! With similar features and dynamics to Magic: The Gathering, you get it all for free!

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 Culdcept Saga9

Culdcept Saga

If you’re a TCG junkie, you have probably started to realize most of the are very similar, or the exact same with the exception of graphic and art changes. That’s where Culdcept Saga comes in, offering a whole other concept rarely seen in TCG’s. It offers a more challenging atmosphere than you’re probably used to.

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A browser based TCG with an RPG theme that was created by a pair of developers located in Montreal, Canada. Filled with heroes, creatures that can be dangerous and challenging, and a bunch of loot for you to collect! If you love online play, a nice challenge and collecting, Avillum has what you need.

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 Infinity Wars10

Infinity Wars

For those of you into the TCG genre, Infinity Wars brings you a fantasy themed world full of exciting and innovative experiences. You will enter into a unique storyline and unusual gameplay dynamics. The best part, new or experienced you will have a simple time learning to play, making it fun for all ages.

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In Fantasica, you will have to really use your mind to plan out detailed strategies to become the victorious party. The gameplay dynamics are much more challenging than your average CCG, arranging your deck on the front lines will not be enough. You have to arrange your amy to attack, and defend from the air and ground!

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Clash of the Dragons

Introducing Clash of the Dragons, a TCG that provides a deck of fixed cards, each representing a different breed of dragons. Soon as you begin, you are able to customize your avatar and move around the world map. Fighting creatures and other dragons to provide a cool and exciting experience.

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 Orions Legend Of Wizards5

Orions Legends of Wizards

With many types and styles of TCGs out today, it can be hard to choose the right one for you, or if you’re a TCG junkie they feel to alike. Orions Legends of Wizards brings you a new and fun way to experience card collecting. As you begin, you will have many options available.

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Towers: Archmage war

If you are into card battles, but dont’ want that being the only option you have, why not join Towers: Archmage War? Here you can manage your deck of cards, keep your tower maintained while increasing your land, and you can mine! There is plenty of different things to experience.

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Star Wars: Force Collection

For a mix of Trading Card Game, Card collecting and Star Wars, check out Star Wars: Force Collection! With over 230 different character cards to find and collect, you can also locate blueprints for creating your own battle formations. Don’t just go into battle, show them that you are the force!

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Play as one of many races from Beast, Elf, Golem and many more! You also have 6 class types to choose from for each race. Eredan iTCG brings you a whole knew fantasy world filled with possibilities. Build your deck, collect signature hero cards and take on your opponents in this 2D TCG!

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Known better as Guardian Battles in Japan, Immortalis brings you a free to play TCG that is available to play on your browser or Android device. Looking to advance faster, check out the online app store for additional items you can purchase. Collect cards, build a powerful deck and let the epic battles begin!

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Faeria offers a world of endless possibilities as you play with friends or make new ones, all while enjoying the card collecting that makes TCG’s popular. With the use of dark creatures, you can bring your battles to life as you view your cards on the screen, choosing your next move!

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Magnus Ignis

With gameplay dynamics similar to the mechanics of Magic: The Gathering, Magnus Ignis brings you a TCG that brings together card collecting fun and history. You take the role of a king, you have the responsibilities for leading heroes, defending your land from monsters, and possessing allies like King Arthur and Zeus.

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