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Eredan is the type of game that you want. The battles are exciting, the strategies are going to make you think, and the overall feel of the game is intense. You have to make sure that you survive and that you take down all of your opponents, which means becoming the strongest warrior in the game.

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 Legends of Norrath0

Legends of Norrath

Good versus evil has long been part of games, and it continues with Legends of Norrath. This game is going to force you into these battles, where you have to have the strongest deck and strategy in order to survive. It is a challenge from the start, but it is all worth it in the end.

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Battle for Gea

A lot of people see card battling as boring. Those people have never played Battle for Gea, however. This game gives you some real excitement from the start along with the challenges that you expect. You are going to have to think and work in order to succeed, and it never stops being fun in the process.

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Rise of Mythos

Deck battling, developing skills, and proving your strength and intelligence in battles are waiting for you if you choose to play Rise of Mythos. This game has a story that is going to make you want more and more, which perfectly complements the action and excitement that is offered here.

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 Rage of Bahamut14

Rage of Bahamut

Rage of Bahamut is one of those types of games where you are in love from first sight. The beautiful art is going to make you want to play, and the features and action will make it all worth it. Make friends, build a deck, and show off just how fantastic you are with these types of games.

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 Dengen Chronicles6

Dengend Chronicles

Mixing role playing game elements with trading card game elements may seem strange to some, but Dengen Chronicles pulls it off wonderfully. This game stands out in the pack, becoming noticeable immediately. What is truly great is that it stands out in a good way, being the type of game you want to play.

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 Urban Rivals6

Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals offers a great story, a perfect setting, and the type of features and battles that make these games fun. Even with all of this, the first thing that you are likely to notice is the art. This is truly one of the better aspects of the game, giving it more than just the entertainment that you expect.

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Practice, improve your skills, gather some experience, and work your way to the top of Moonga. This game is going to challenge even the best card battler out there, giving you an experience that is unlike anything else you know. It is fun and you can play it just about anywhere.

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Cabals: The Card Game

Cabals: The Card Game is going to make you look at mobile games in a new light. Its stunning art, fantastic battles, and general excitement will make it one of the best games you will ever play. With so much to offer, you will not want to put your mobile device down.

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Kaijudo Online is a lot like Magic The Gathering, but with better graphics and a bit of a twist to make it unique. It is perfect for MTG fans or anyone interested in these types of games because it is similar, but it still stands out and offers one wonderful experience that you are going to love.

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Earn new cards, spells, and abilities as you fight your way through Spectromancer. You have the chance to use your strength and strategies to improve, which is how you rise to the top. You have to continue using cards and what you learn in order to become the best here.

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Duel of Champions

Pick your hero, grab your cards, and set off into the world of Duel of Champions, where you can improve your deck and battle friends as you become the best. Show off your strategies and cards, prove that you have unmatched skill and strength, and take over the game as the top player.

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Heroes, many different cards, some wonderful features, and the need for you to use your mind make Ederon a fun, interesting game. It is going to leave you wanting to push forward and force you to think on your feet as you progress, create strategies, and work your way to the top of the game.

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 Astral Towers9

Astral Towers

You have five elements, battling, the chance to build towers, and much more in Astral Towers. This game offers experiences that you never knew card battling games can have. Even if you have played many before it, this is still one that you are going to love from the very first battle.

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 Kings and Legends4

Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends is a free browser game that is similar to Magic The Gathering, but without the cost. While it has plenty that sets it apart, it still offers the type of experience that you are after, the cards and battling that you expect, and the fun that you want, and all without charge.

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