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You are an alchemist with a single goal: Create the strongest, best titans possible. Titans gives you that chance and it gives you a platform where you can battle them. Collect as much as you can, improve your titans, and work towards having a titan army that can take down any enemy.

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 Legend of the Cryptids preview

Legend of the Cryptids

Legend of the Cryptids is a game mostly about socialization and card collecting. It does not offer intense battles, like many other games, but it is still fun. You have to focus on building a powerful deck so that you can win the battles through power, not through strategizing or certain moves.

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Marvel War of Heroes

For Marvel and trading card game fans, Marvel War of Heroes is a game that you just have to play. It offers up your regular TCG experience while using the superheroes you know and love. Play as the biggest names in the Marvel universe to take down opponents and have the strongest team.

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Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles

Along with building your own deck and fighting with cards in Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles, you will also build a castle. You have to build your castle to be a good defense while also taking out other people’s castles in raids. Continue to raid and protect yourself in order to collect gold and improve.

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Cards and Castles

Your main goal in Cards and Castles is to protect your castle while destroying the castle of your enemy. To do this, you will have to bring your team to the field and you will have to build structures. This will help you to take control of the situation, destroying the enemy in a flash.

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Choose your crew and fly into combat in AErena. You will fight on a platform in the sky against another opponent, both attacking each other on a board. Move your pieces wisely and build an effective strategy to win. It is all about where you go and the moves you make so think before you act here.

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Conquest of Champions

In Conquest of Champions, you have a mixed trading card game and tabletop game. You will collect your cards like normal and you will build a powerful deck, but you will also place those cards on a tabletop type arena. Battle it out and prove your strength and wits with strategy.

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Trouble With Robots

Battles are immense and intense in Trouble With Robots. Of course, these battles are not the only parts of the game. There is also the story, which is entertaining from the start. It is hilarious and it keeps you entertained throughout the entire game. It will always give you a laugh.

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 Cast & Conquer11

Cast & Conquer

Four classes, over 1,000 cards, and a lot to do make Cast & Conquer one of the best collectible card games that you will play. It is exciting and it keeps you busy. There is always something for you to do, a new possible strategy, and new opponents for you to face when you play this game.

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 Rise of Mythos11

Rise of Mythos

Your goal in Rise of Mythos is to protect your city from evil. To protect the people and to become a hero, you have to build up your deck. Get your hands on cards, develop effective strategies, and take down opponents that face you. It is a challenge, but it is exciting and it keeps you addicted from the start.

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The board for Scrolls and the cards that you collect make this one of the more exciting games out there. You will have to develop new types of strategies, collect all of the cards you can, build a fearsome deck, and take down opponents that stand in your way. It gives you a fresh take on a TCG.

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Heroes of the Realm

Like most trading card games, Heroes of the Realm has fantastic art, a lot of cards, and plenty to do. It also succeeds in standing out thanks to the various cards and options available. Fans of the TCG genre will adore this new title as it gives you everything you want and more.

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Avillum plays like nearly any other trading card game, but it is browser based instead of downloadable. This means that you can play it from anywhere, on any computer. Collect cards, battle, build a deck, and have fun in this world. It is similar to most other TCG titles on the market, but with a few unique twists.

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Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends is similar to many other major trading card games out there, including Magic the Gathering. You can play this like any of your other favorite TCG titles, just without any financial investment. It is a free and fun alternative that any TCG fan will enjoy playing quite a bit.

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With Faeria, you have more than just intense battles. You have a board that offers a different type of strategy, unique yet beautiful art, and combat that you will adore from the moment it starts. Throw yourself into this magical world and become the best as you build an unstoppable deck.

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