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Here is a list of games that are similar to Immortalis.

 Legend of the Cryptids preview

Legend of the Cryptids

Legend of the Cryptids is a game mostly about socialization and card collecting. It does not offer intense battles, like many other games, but it is still fun. You have to focus on building a powerful deck so that you can win the battles through power, not through strategizing or certain moves.

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Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles

Along with building your own deck and fighting with cards in Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles, you will also build a castle. You have to build your castle to be a good defense while also taking out other people’s castles in raids. Continue to raid and protect yourself in order to collect gold and improve.

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Cards and Castles

Your main goal in Cards and Castles is to protect your castle while destroying the castle of your enemy. To do this, you will have to bring your team to the field and you will have to build structures. This will help you to take control of the situation, destroying the enemy in a flash.

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Trouble With Robots

Battles are immense and intense in Trouble With Robots. Of course, these battles are not the only parts of the game. There is also the story, which is entertaining from the start. It is hilarious and it keeps you entertained throughout the entire game. It will always give you a laugh.

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 Rise of Mythos11

Rise of Mythos

Your goal in Rise of Mythos is to protect your city from evil. To protect the people and to become a hero, you have to build up your deck. Get your hands on cards, develop effective strategies, and take down opponents that face you. It is a challenge, but it is exciting and it keeps you addicted from the start.

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